Assalamu alaikum how are you All my friends welcome again in my channel Learn Easy I am your friend Masood Ahamad shamsi So I was getting your comments to know about real cricket 19 batting Control Joystick and swipe control which is best for us So this is a very important . So four batting control has been given for different type of players Joystick , pro-joystick, legacy swipe And classic swipe so which is best for you? So today we will learn about these four batting controls Which is best and perfect for you according to your batting style If you choose perfect batting control it will help to hit six and four easily. Your batting will be improve also So let’s go and know about first option pro-joystick Let’s see who should use this option . So best point of pro-joystick is that… You can play shot , whenever you want. This one is the joy stick, where you set it will go short. Wherever you set it will be set and your shot And The shot will move on the same side as the joy stick set Like I have set the Joy stick towards Final leg That is, the wicketkeeper’s backside and short will also go there. So if you want to move batsman So there are two options here, you can move the batsman to use thees buttons But you have to keep this in mind… You should knowledge of line length Means, Which ball to play on the front foot and which ball on the back foot.. If you want to hit six select loft And i tell you what you do next… After select lock just type on button If you want to play on front foot just press on front foot button And if you want to play on back foot so just press on back foot button In pro-joystick swipe cannot be use It’ good control , easily play shot whenever you want. The joy-stick will be set where you set it . And select loft if you want to play front foot just play front button Your shot will go to the side you set the joy stick This pro- joystick control is for those Who have trouble playing shots in the gap they play shot one side.. shot goes other side You just need to play all kinds of line lengths If ball lenth is short play on back foot.. If ball lenth is full play on front foot. 2 button ( back foot/front foot) has given U just press any button and .. You can play shot easily and friends .. Wherever you set joystick shot will be go same side So it very important . So now talk about.. Second control which name is “joystick” In joystick control few controls are auto Ok let’s explain . If you don’t know that … …which ball to play on the front foot, which ball to play on the back foot So second batting control “joystick” will help you lot So in “Joystick” left side controls are same like pro-joystick. Move batsman with these two buttons . So where you want to hit shot.. Just set joystick towards your shot will be go same Like i am going to hit shot in thirdman aria So i show you in slow motion.. You just press the button as i will press loft button And batsman hit shot to go backfoot but i don’t.. Select back foot option because automatically selected. So it’s very helpful. If you don’t know that line length ..that which ball to play on back foot Or which ball to play frunt foot Just set Joystick where you want to play And press the loft button and player automatically Select back foot or frunt foot It will make your game easy , so let see I set joystick for straight shot And now i just press loft button You can see player automatically come frunt foot and hit six This batting control ” joystick” helps those Who don’t know that Which ball to play back foot foot Which ball to play back foot . So this batting will help to improve you batting And you can make shot easily . So … Let’s talk about third batting control “legacy swipe”.. Who is use this control ?? So most of use want to play game with manually control .. They don’t use auto shot selectinon So they use third batting control “legecy swipe” In this option all controls are in your hand So you have to use manually back foot And funt foot and…. You have to swipe for hit shot Shot will go towards swipe direction So if you know all about game and batting control JUnderstand line length So you can use this third batting control legacy swipe You can see i swiped Backwards And shot also gone that side but you should fully understand this batting control If you know perfect shot selectinon like back foot , Frunt foot so if you know all about it Yiu don’t have any problems so.. So you can use this third batting control” legacy swipe” So now talk about fourth option ” Classic swipe ” it’s very easy It’s mostly for beginners Who is new in this game or does not play game or .. If you ever played “wcc2″ So this batting control will be easy for you . So can play game with one hand In this control just press on loft button In just swipe , game automatically selects Back foot / frunt foot shot So normally all mobile cricket games have classic batting control As like wcc2 game has same classic batting control Jus justt swipe towards where you want to play shot So game automatically selects perfect footwork back foot or frunt foot So i press loft button. And swipe backwards for scoop shot so i could easily I didn’t have to select footwork manually So here click on loft button If you want to hit loft shot Swipe towards where you want to sent ball So you can make shot easily If you are beginner and have to face problem in batting So you can use forth option ” Classic swipe” If you use if your battery become more easy You your batting can be improve But ” Classic swipe” option is not available for multiplayer mode It’s mean you can use only first tree batting control But can’t use forth option ” Classic swipe” so friends .. I told you About Four batting control i hope you like it And understand , if you missing something , please comment I will try to reply your comments And also tell me how tou liked this video. If you like this videi Please like video and share with your friends And subscribe channel and press bell icon and click all notification So that you will get information about the videos coming ahead So we will meet in next video , take care be happy ALLAH HAFIZ , JAY HIND

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