– Today. – Serious Olympic shoe savings. – Woohoo! (gentle music) Hi, I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy, Matt Granite. – And I’m intern Amy. – Amy, that’s nice, you’re waving a shoe. – Yeah. – I don’t know if you know this, but the shoe that Amy’s waving is 50% off. And all of the deals
which I hunt down daily, which are all located right
under this video screen, is our way to save you
more money than anyone else in the country. We also have a huge giveaway coming up. – Today, we are giving away
a free $50 Amazon gift card to any subscriber who has
their notifications turned on. – That random draw coming
up at the end of the video, but first, we are joining
you from our Olympic set in honor of the Olympics, Rio 2016 because the tie-in to the Olympics is that many retailers that sell shoes are in fact, dropping prices, just to capitalize on the momentum. Amy, do you know how they do that? – How do they do that, Matt? – SEO, everyone searching
for the word Olympics online, in some cases, get
diverted as online traffic to stores that have categorized
their sales as Olympic. Of all the sales online, some, which we did very well on
in our test, were amazing. Some were not so great, and we’ve listed our favorites located right under this video screen. We also have an epic
demonstration of myself running. – It’ll be so great. Now last week, Matt said
that he ran track in college, and I’m gonna be honest,
I didn’t even believe him, and I’m sure none of you did either. So, today he’s gonna prove himself and live up to his name, I guess. – There’s not much to live up to. Before we get to that,
I just wanna mention that the best shoe sales right now, which are again located right
under this video screen, just expand the description box. Also, intern Cody did well
in his shoe purchases, in this case, for his mom. – Hi everyone, intern Cody here. I have done some shopping
with shoes for my mom trying to figure out the right size, the right look, and the right price. And what I found were these Asics. I found ’em 50% off,
which is truly amazing. She kick boxes. She kind of beats the
crap out of everyone, but she looks good doing it. – [Amy] Here are our two contestants. Are you guys ready? – [Matt] Yeah.
– [Cody] Ready, yeah. – [Amy] Alright, on your marks, get set, go. – [Cody] Oh, you. – [Amy] Matt is the winner. – Wow, what a rush. Who enjoyed that? – I think we all did. – So I can run? – Sure. (chuckles) – The shoes that I’m wearing were actually part of
one of the reductions. And Amy, before we show people my feet, what did you find online that you liked? – Found these Nike, nice
and bright coral color to even match my new room. – Ah, how wonderful. – My shoes match my room. – You must be so proud. – I know. – Is your room at BGSU? – Yes, my room is at my college, Bowling Green, and it’s coral. – Now that you know exactly
where she goes to school, good thing we’re still
holding all these shoes. – Yeah, I don’t really know why. – You ready for the giveaway? – Yes. – Using two buddies
random winner selector, our winner today is, David
Stokes, congratulations. Just email [email protected], and we will hook you up. You are amazing, we love you. Thanks for all the great comments. Yes. – Shoes, shoes, Amazon gift
cards, shoes. (giggles) – That’s really nice. I’ll just let you take over for a second. – Shoes, shoes, Amazon
gift cards. (laughs) – Great enthusiasm. For those of you that
didn’t win the giveaway, you’re all a winner now
that you saw Amy do that. And if you turn your notifications on and you are a subscriber, the next video, we’re gonna hit you up with more freebies. – And the big question today, what is your favorite Olympic sport? Leave it in the comments section. – What’s yours? – Ah, I said swimming and gymnastics. – Not everyone watched last week’s video. – Okay, well I like
swimming and gymnastics. – And I like track.
– We know. – Ready, get set, go. Wanna win an awesome item I test for free? It’s simple, subscribe. Turn your notifications on. On a desktop, it looks like this. Once your notifications are
turned on for your desktop or on a mobile platform
where it looks like this, if you hear me call your name, you get that item
delivered to you for free. And for those of you that
wanna buy any of my hot deals, expand the description box
right under the video window. All the links you need are right there.

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