you you you all right we are live again with the
next event so it’s the third and final preview of the week we have we have an
event in Russia but this week so the Kremlin cup should be a good event out
of the three events this is probably the the one with the least amount of
pressure for the players because they don’t these guys are around the
qualifying for London and next-gen so it’s more playing out the season and
trying to get season so an interesting breakdown there are some some good
players playing there’s some really hard names to pronounce so that’ll be
interesting if you like to hear me butcher those names I apologize in
advance also make sure that you subscribe and like this video if you’re
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american football we’ll see but at the moment we do a lot more tennis with your
shanghai last week we’re doing before we do some live streams this week of these
matches towards the end of the tournaments and and then we’ve got paris
in a couple of weeks we’ve got also another couple of European tournaments
next week so she’ll be interesting and of course London at the end of the year
Davis Cup and all that fun stuff so if you’re into any of that stuff make sure
that you subscribe to my channel now that we’ve said that and gotten that out
of the way let’s go into this tournament so we have all the we have the draw here
if it says TBA it means that there’s no TV eh I guess they’ve
finished they must have finished with the qualifying school so that’s a
hundred percent updated draw we have qualifiers locked in there all the
wildcards if you can see the numbers next to the players names it means the
odds for the match so those first round matches some of the odds haven’t been
haven’t been decided yet but majority have top forces have a boy in this
tournament so those guys automatically into the second round but everyone else
will go through all the matchups I have an old copy of the draw sir some of the
qualifiers I haven’t got the head to have records for but we can still have a
chat about them anyway so let’s get straight into it you have
our past champion is here we go staying with a tough name I’m pretty sure he’s
from Bosnia Adam eeeh zoom here go with that he’s the defending champion he won
last year it’s for him it’s good you know been around for a while unlike the
other couple of tournaments that the tournament played in Belgium this week
is a fairly new one so this has actually got some history behind it
you’ve got chillage he’s wanted a couple of times for some good names there you
know gas guys won it before we’re back to usually he’s wonderful for so good
it’s a good history with this event top seed you’ve got is sis
shinato’s go with that he’s 16 he’s 16 on the race to London so a little bit
probably little bit too far away unless you know a bunch of players get injured
towards India but he’s number 21 in the world he’s had a pretty solid year he
very solid you actually put his best year ever
he’s won two titles this year he won in Budapest and a mug in Croatia he got to
the semi-finals of Roland Garros and lost the team semi finals there so I
think he came through as a qualifier beat Djokovic along the way so very very
good run on the clay bear you know being Italian I think he’s a clay court player
so very big big wins there and also has won against obviously Djokovic like I
just said he’s won against go fine and he’s lost they won against Fognini as
well so a couple of solid wins there for the top seed never played this event
before so he’s starting this event brand-new and yeah that’s our top seed
for this this tournament second seed is Daniel Medvedev I had a solid year this
year ranked number 22 in the world and he’s playing in his home his home
country so that’ll be interesting to see he’s won three titles this year he’s won
in Tokyo Sydney and winston-salem with him till three titles this year I think
it’s he’s 22 23 he’s a young player so good start to his career I don’t think
he won a title up until this year so played really well I think he won in
Tokyo a couple weeks ago actually and just lost to Federer last week probably
should have won so almost had a big win there his best
results besides those titles would be the third round of the Cincinnati
Masters help which is a Masters 1000 tournament before the US Open and he
lost two sashes very there so a pretty good result for a guy who’s just
starting his his professional career and he’s had wins Oh
Fognini Jack sock and Mueller Onix the guys that are playing in the other
tournaments he said wins over so pretty solid year for him and as you can see
there he’s gotten to the quarterfinals for the last two years of this events
big chance for him to get to maybe a semifinal or a final of his hometown
event now he’s got the confidence through winning those titles he knows
how to play those matches see how he goes this week all right number three
seed is one second let me just get the result and the the draw it’s Karen Richard no I think that tastes you
pronounce it he’s a wild card here he must have played last week which is why
he’s a wild card he’s won a title this year in France he’s number 27 in the
world he got to the fourth round of Roland Garros this year so pretty solid
result for him must be more of a clay-court specialist if he’s doing wild
French Open I lost his bare of sashes vert up there so not a bad result not a
bad lost there good run you know one of your matches and he’s played he’s got
some some good wins over Burdick he’s now an initial quarry this year so
pretty solid wins there for him he got to the quarterfinals back in 2013
here so he’s got a little bit of form here it’s his home country so it’ll be
interesting to see how he plays this week doesn’t seem like he’s got a good
record this fight besides that quarterfinals he’s got a two and three
lost we must record so we’ll see how he goes on this this week like I said this
this tournament the guys in this tournament don’t have much to play for
besides so the winning the event I haven’t got much to play for in terms of
ranking or qualifying for London so a little bit more of a finishing the
strong event for these guys and then the fourth seed is Philip creditor Craig Novick Preah Novick tough
names so he hasn’t won any titles this year his best result was the semi-final
in Dubai at the start of the year which is the event just because the event
between the is thrown open and and the first Masters 1000 event of the year so
it’s a good you know a good event the fetter is why a few times so he’s got
the semi finals they’re lost a PE and he’s had some solid wins he’s Papa he
won against Joe someone who is good everyone knows him from being a good
solid player over the years so that’s a good win there and he’s also played
against top hydraulic Federer this year so lost those those those matches but
still had a couple of good matches and played those top guys so he’s getting to
the parts of the tournaments where you know he has to run into those guys he’s
played pretty well and his best results here were the round of 16 so second
round in 2017 and 2004 so some experience of this event probably not
enough experience to go for the win but you know this part of the year you never
know who can get through and win these events go through the other seeds
quickly so you got any curious he’s never played here before he’s playing
for pride at the moment I think as most of these guys are got a defending
champion they’re number six he should be one to watch jérémy chardy is go to a
semi-final here in 2011 he is a seven seed and then close an is an abate C has
no prior experience here so let’s get into the draw now and the head-to-head
matchups as I said before my I qualify a sheet here hasn’t been updated so my
draw hasn’t been updated so one on the screen has been updated though so I
don’t have had matches results for all the matches but we can
we can make a little bit of a guess those ones anyway so you got the top
seed there he’s got to buy in the first round
second second match Mannarino who I think was a top 10 player or at some
point / genius so he’s kind of dropped off lately I don’t know if that’s her
injury or what it is but he’s not he’s not seated in this event he’s obviously
outside of the top 50 he’s worse seeing how love calab ski they’ve got no record
never played before so that is a first meeting between those guys next match is
interesting Benoit paire versus Misha Vera
so those guys have played four times and it’s a 2 2 so that’s gonna be an
interesting match there between those guys those guys are sort of that middle
you know 50 to 60 ranked player both of them I think I’ve been in the top 50
before now you’ll see them a grand slams and stuff play against the good guys in
the first couple of rounds and yeah so I think Mischa Zverev actually had a
pretty good run either the last year or this year at one of the grand slam so
should be interesting a tool tool match up there then you got the defending
champion he’s coming in against qualifier which is now up on the screen
never heard of that qualifier before so you should have a pretty easy win in the
first round what see it has a bye and then the next
matchup which is crazy these guys must have been playing it must have played
must I know Kukushkin sort of an older player but Nowitzki must have been
around for a long time too because they’ve got a two and seven record
against each other they play nine times in their career granted there’s a lot of
not too many main events more the qualifying but they played a lot before
so they know that each other’s game up a lot and especially you know Kazakhstan
where cushions from is close to Russia so it’d be interesting to see what kind
of what kind of a match that’ll be and don’t add Donsky obviously I don’t don’t
score being a Russian native he’s playing in some country
Kukushkin ‘he’s got seven wins over him so that’ll be a very interesting match
with a lot of history behind it so interesting to see how that one goes her
bear has a qualifying the first round so we’ll see what happens there should
probably get through that one and then you got close a Mississippi now sepi
seems to just be that awkward first round opponent for everyone in every
single home we play it seems to never seems to be seeded I don’t know why that
is he’s definitely worthy of a top 20
ranking right but anyway these guys have played each other before five times
Sippi has a 3-2 advantage over close in so that could be an upset in the first
round yep you could win that one and I’d be interesting my pick for this this
half of the draw to get to the semi-finals um like I said sip a sepia
faking it through that first round match he might be able to make a bit of a run
not sure how his fourth in this year it’s not in the top fifty then he’s
probably not I probably add a pretty pretty average
year I mean you can’t really go past the defending champions were qualifying in
the first round he’ll have a tough second round though if he plays in
variable pair so no but with the format this tournament I think that you know go
for around the number 16 sumir there so I’m pronouncing that
right yeah so you probably go probably think that he could get through the
semi-final if he can get through the top seed through the quarterfinals that’d be
interesting matchup if they’d be if they meet and yeah so in terms of semi-finals
I mean you can’t really go past the fourth seed haven’t really watched him
play ever so I’m not sure what his um his game is like so we’ll see I think
that maybe there might be an upset in this just half of the draw you might get
the defending champion or the number one seed get through to the final but then
there could be upsets along the way as well like I said these guys aren’t
playing for anything except for the title really not playing for anything
towards the end of the year so we’ll see what happens and second half of the draw now you’re
gonna need kurios at the top you got a wild carding he’s playing against or
laundry room there so that’ll be interesting matchup they’ve played oh
they’ve never played before I think rube lives a young young
up-and-coming player are you sure yes that’d be interesting matchup and
incurious has his days where he’s really good and really not good so we’ll see
how he goes he didn’t play great last week he lost a qualifier in the first
round of shanghai so see how it feels at the end of the season hasn’t got much to
pay for might just want to wrap it up and and have a good offseason to get
ready for the Australian summer so we’ll see and you’ve got jazeera versus basak
their head-to-head record is 1 0 so Jazeera has a has a win over over basic
I’m not sure if that was in qualifying or if that’s in a main event but there’s
a bit of history there that played before the interesting matchup
Lukas Russell who famously beat Nadal I think at Wimbledon for you bunchy years
ago he is a qualifier here so I don’t have any matchup against his opponent
the third seat has a boy Charlie Rose’s Istomin so a couple of the older guys in
the tournament playing each other in the first round there’s a one all head to
head record there so it should be an interesting matchup there and you’ve got
this is when the names it’s time to get harder
Burdine versus gia jury let’s go with that
padeen has a 2-0 win loss record against him so there’s a bit of history there
which should be a good first round matchup then you’ve got that lad juvik
like a week against qualifier on the screen there you can see that qualifying
to be few in short the head to head record there is there and then you’ve
got the can see Medvedev at the bottom there
he’s gonna buy so he’s playing in Russia its home country so should be
interesting why pick for this I think the winner of
the tournament’s probly going to come out of this it’s half you’ve got a lot
of good players you’ve got a lot of confident players as well
not too many qualifiers in this half of the draw you’ve only got the two
qualifier so I think that if Curtis plays well he’ll get through
I think the Medvedev is after losing to Federer in three sets yes last week I
think he’s got a bit of confidence and also this year he’s got three titles
under his name so he’s playing really well and they’re playing in his home
country I think he’s got a big advantage there I don’t know if that’ll affect him
but he’s definitely the guy in the tournament it has the best form this
year so that would be a good semi-final if he can play against kurios in the
semi-finals there I might do a livestream that’s pretty interesting
matchup obviously Medvedev with the big serve and yeah he’s got some form over
over top guys you know he’s played played really well this year so he’s
probably going to be my pick maybe for the tournament pending on but I’ll make
that judgement after this little little part of it you know esta manera t those
guys I think Medvedev are we gonna beat all of those guys in his quarter and
won’t have a tough match until he plays the kurios or the number three seed
there so I think that um yeah probably gonna on paper see kurios vs Medvedev
and the semi-finalists and the winner of that probably gone when the whole thing yeah so let’s have a look at the London
rankings doesn’t really apply to these these guys because of the because they
sort of all a bit far out all passed outside the top 20 you know the number
one seed for this tournament in I cannot pronounce this now I’m gonna have to
figure out the Italian go Marco let’s Paulie Marco
first name basis he is 16 on the ranking there but he’s probably a little bit too
way it’s gonna have to like win this event win Paris it’s probably bit too
far away to get to that to get to London even as an alternative over too far away
had a good year though beating Djokovic along the way so but I did no one else
from this draw is on that list so let’s go to the who I think he’s gonna win
this all right let’s pick a winner so as I’ve been doing with the other
tournaments I’m gonna try and pick the winner of this match and we’ll see how
it goes and we’ll do a review next week and see if I’ve picked right and see if
I know anything about tennis so we’ve got a couple of good players here we
have the defending champions number six seed we have the top seed has had some
good wins this season you’ve got down the bottom Medvedev Rosetta another good
season won three titles your curiosity can always win this time of year if he
really wants to I think it’s a toss-up between those four I think it’s gonna be
the Medvedev kurios Zamir and Citroen Ardo senado I think they’re the four
guys that are probably gonna play we’re gonna win out in the event I’m back in
Medvedev I reckon Medvedev as a chance had a solid year
I mean played really well it’s federal last week so he’s got some
recent form yeah he’s went three titles playing at home I think he’s probably
the guy to beat so I’m gonna put my money on him but then you know I do like
curious he’s one of my favorite players a little bit tough not to back him but
my head says Medvedev my heart says to curios my head said never did so let’s
go with the head and we’ll say Medvedev’s gonna win this one win the
tournament like I said if he plays kurios in the quarterfinals I’ll
probably do a livestream Russia and Australia time and not too far away not
too far apart say I do a livestream to make sure that you subscribe to the
channel so you can keep up to date with that so yeah so let’s I’ll do an overall
wrap-up of three tournaments this week who I think’s gonna win
so in Stockholm I think that sit surpass is a good chance to win there he’s got a
beat Isner and Jack sock and Fognini but I think since the pass is my pick for
that that tournament I think that Edmonds gonna win in Belgium he is it’s
got a lot more to play for he’s not the favorite so he’s got some good money if
he does win so I think he is gonna win Belgium and I think that Medvedev is
gonna win here in Russia and win his first title at home because of his his
record so they’re my three picks for this week we’ll keep up-to-date with the
scores during the week so you can see how I’m going I’ll probably put money on
each of those matches as well just to kind of make it a little bit more
exciting for the week and I think next week we’ll do a review after all the
finals are finished and maybe a review before the preview of the next week’s
matches so make sure that you subscribe to this so you can keep up to date with
all the tennis news then I put it on his channel and also let me know in the
comments who you think is gonna win put your picks down below in this match and
also all my other videos yeah let me know who you guys think is going to win
also if you have any questions put them in the comments as well we might have a
Q&A session I’ve got I get a lot of questions on my live streams for
so if you have any questions make sure you put them down a comment section I’ll
answer them in the next video maybe do a Q&A video
or whatever so that’s about it guys like this video subscribe to the channel if
you haven’t already and good luck with anyone who puts any money on any of the
events this week write down in the comments as well if you put any money on
anyone this week or any of these events and yeah we’ll talk later in the week
when the results start coming in so we’ll talk to you then guys see you soon
thanks for watching you

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