you you
you okay I think it’s working now we had a
problem with the audio in there and the live stream before but should be all
good now so welcome to the first episode I guess you could call it a preview of
the draws for the tennis coming up this week we’ve got three different events
going on this week which all have implications in terms of rankings
towards the end of the year and a lot of players playing this week I have a shot
of getting into London at the end of the year also for the next-gen tournament
that’s play of being played as well the week before which is which is all all
happening in the next I think in November that’s when they will happen so
a lot of players that didn’t play last week in Shanghai are playing this week
so we’re gonna have a big breakdown of all the all the tournaments are played
this week or the ATP and the world to us circuits are not the challenges with my
two challenges eventually but at the moment we’re just gonna stick with the
world tour so my name is cam if you haven’t subscribed already make sure you
click the subscribe button I do breakdowns of all these videos I do
live streams of matches if you’re interested in any of that stuff I think
I did about five or six last week throughout the Shanghai Masters so if
you’re into all that kind of stuff make sure you like the chat like this video
and subscribe to the channel so you can keep up to date with all the tennis on
the men’s side of the game so what we’re gonna do today is I’m going to go
through the three different tournaments that are happening we’ve got one in
Sweden which is what we’re going to go through first it’s probably the
strongest field out of the three tournaments going on we’re going to go
through Russia as well they’ve got Moscow’s got a tournament going on as
well and Belgium have one going on as well so we’ll go through the we’ll just
preview all those tournaments all the all the first-round matches we’ll go
through all the see the top four seeds from each of those and talk about their
2018 some of the wins that they’ve had over the over the year so we’ll break it
down and then at the end I’ll pick a winner for each of the tournaments and
we’ll see how they go and see if any of my picks are actually correct at the end
of the week so and then we might open it up if there’s a few people in the chat
that want to ask any questions make sure you truck them in the chat and I’ll
answer them at the end of the end of each of the videos so I’ll do a
livestream now on Stockholm and then I’ll do the live strains for the other
two make them three separate videos rather than making it one big one so
we’ll get started so as you can see here on the right side of the screen we have
the draw when it says TBA that just means that the qualifiers haven’t
finished yet they’re still going on if in this second round qualifying might
have finished last night or maybe even final around last night overnight for me
so that hasn’t updated just yet so if you see a player that you’ve well
following if they’ve got a TBA next to their name it means they’re gonna play a
qualifier as you can see they’re all the first round all the first rounds for the
top four seeds they all have a Buy so they get automatically into the
second round so you got is nah fuck Nene Jack sock and Syd surpass all getting a
first round bye and also they’ve got the odds for those matchups so as you can
see up the let’s pick a random one Modesto versus Epton you’ve got the odds
there Modesto is a dollar fifty four so if you’re into into betting we do a
little bit of betting on this on this channel as well so we talk about the
odds and all that kind of stuff so we’ve got the odds on on the on these ones
here so that might help with you know with your picks yeah so we’ll go through
all the seeds now and we’ll go through the past champions let’s have a look at
here we go so we have
patro is obviously not playing this week he got injured last week in Shanghai
they’re still not sure about his knee it’s kind of a strange injury so I don’t
know if he would have played this tournament anyway because he probably
would have got to maybe the semifinals or finals of Shanghai and then he
wouldn’t have been able to back it up again in Sweden so he the plane trip
isn’t that close so I don’t think he would have played Berdych is out as well
Dimitrov is out and I don’t think mumphrey is playing this tournament
Federer is obviously not either so we’ve got to go a long way back until we get a
defending champion playing in this one but that’s good it means we’ll probably
get a new champion for this tournament which is gonna be interesting so as you
can see there John Isner is the top seed followed by Fabio Fognini you got sits a
pass at number three it’s a really good year this year while the up-and-coming
young guns you’re Jack socket number four got Lucas pure we I’m gonna tell
you say it at number five you got trilliant number six another young guy
who had a good start to the year and number seven is shapoval of which
another young gun and Verdasco one of the veterans of the tour at number eight
who still seems to be playing pretty well even though he’s one of the older
players on tour seems to get seeded for these tournaments pretty good field like
I said a lot of the guys that didn’t play Shanghai are playing in this
tournament so his nope didn’t play Shanghai because he just became a father
for greenie didn’t play I think he pulled out with injury it’s a pass play
Jack sock I don’t know how he didn’t Shanghai or if he even played but a lot
of those guys that didn’t play last week are playing this week just so they can
build up the points to get closer to that qualification for London so it
should and it’s getting pretty close as well as chillage and team lost and
Shanghai pretty early so their spots open up for grabs guys like Bob Nene and
is not who if they play well this week food could get pretty close to those
guys so yeah and so the tournaments are
played this week are all 250 ATP World Tour tournaments
meaning that if the winner one of these guys was to win they would get 250
ranking points if they hadn’t played that before that makes sense maybe I’ll
do a rankings break down eventually so 250 points up for grabs for the winner
and a bunch of prize money all that good stuff but yeah the points not it’s like
the lowest tier of tournaments this one in terms of the World Tour so 250 point
tournaments like I said there’s three going on there’s one in Russia and
there’s one in Belgium as well but this one looks like it’s the most stacked and
it looks like it has the most the biggest implications in terms of the
ranking towards the end of the year so let’s go through the top four seeds so
we’re gonna have still a little bit of a breakdown of the four guys that are
probably the four favourites to win this tournament
I mean upsets happen but you would think that these four guys are probably the
just strong favorites starting with John is now he’s number 10 in the world
currently he’s had pretty good year this year he’s won two titles one in Miami so
he won the Miami Masters which is probably one of his biggest wins terms
of tournaments and he also won in out Atlanta he got to the semi finals of
Wimbledon losing today to Anderson the now marathon match I think he was what
24 26 in the in the fit said so almost worth to a Wimbledon final which is good
for him and he’s also had wins over Del Potro’s Vera van chillage during the
years so just why he’s probably you know ranked number 10 he’s been around you
know that top-10 kind of era area the last couple of seasons and yeah starting
to show his potential I think he’s in his 30s so not it’s not the the
up-and-coming guy that he used to be but sudden play well in the end of the year
and end of he’s still the back end of his career second seed is Fabio Fognini who is
number 13 currently he’s had a really good year out of all the guys all the
seeds in this tournament he’s had the best year in terms of winning titles
he’s won three titles this year and he’s got two about two or three other finals
he won in Brazil he’s won in Sweden and he’s won in Mexico for his three titles
and he’s had chances he should probably be maybe four or five titles for the
year and in the top ten but missed a couple of opportunities but still solid
year his best result has been the fourth round of Roland Garros where he lost the
chillage not a hundred percent sure what the result what the score was for that
match but for him you know he’s starting to push towards that second week of
Grand Slams which is where he probably wants to be you know I think that clay
is probably his best surface fourth round at Roland Garros it sounds about
right maybe next year he can break through get
to a quarterfinal or a semi-final depending on his draw and he’s had wins
over Dominic team Kyle Edmund and one martín Del Potro this year so he’s he’s
beaten a couple of top ten guys and he’s also beaten a couple of guy Edmund who’s
almost the same ranking as the third seed for this tournament is sit surpass
so shit surpasses one of the young up-and-coming guys played really well
this year had a couple of really good results yet to win the title though he
hasn’t won any titles this year and I think he’s winning in his career yet but
he hasn’t won a title this year so a few finals yeah he’s had some solid results
but yet to break through to win a title go to the fourth round of Wimbledon and
lost it is now who obviously got to the semi-finals so you know solid result
there for you for a young guy I think he’s about 20 21 so fourth round of
Wimbledon is not too bad and he’s had wins over Dominic team sash of Vera and
Novak Djokovic so I mean solid wins there against top five top 10 guys so as
a young guy as well he’s had some good results he had a really good run all the
way through the if it was the Toronto Masters final he
got all the way to the final there and lost to Rafa and he beat dies along the
way like you’d be Djokovic and Anderson and chillage like he just just ran
through the list of top ten players it’s really well there and as you can see
there hasn’t played this one before C’s coming in with no no wins or losses so
it should be interesting and Jack sock is the fourth seed and he
is his ranked number 17 currently hasn’t won any titles this year he had a good
2017 which kind of got him into the top 20 close to the top 10 but hasn’t really
done much this year it’s been really strange I was trying to look for some
results or something to something to be encouraged by with Jack sock but he’s
had he’s had a pretty unless I don’t know if he’s been injured but he’s had a
pretty bad year his best results that I could find were the round of 32 of
Indian Wells Miami and Rome which are all masters 1000 tournaments he doesn’t
really progress that far and Grand Slams this year and he’s actually had 12 first
round losses which for a guy who’s in the top 20 I don’t know how he can
sustain that unless his ranking points at all have all been won towards the end
of the year maybe he’ll drop out of the top 20 if he
doesn’t play well in the next couple of weeks but 12 first-round losses he did
have a couple of buys so technically second-round losses but twelve first
match losses it’s it’s not a it’s not what a top 20 person to no player should
do especially how encouraging it was last year they’re the only stats I could
really find on Jack stock for the year not really very encouraging if you’re a
jack sock fan or if you want to put any money on him but no hopefully he will
finish the year strongly you know we’ve got a couple more tournaments to go so
we’ll see what happens as you can see he has been a finalist at
this tournament two years before so he 2016 2015 it was a finalist here so he’s
got some good format this tournament maybe they’ll be encouraging for him he
can maybe maybe remember those times when he got to the finals and play
really well so it’s a good time for him to get to and maybe sustain his ranking
in the top 20 before the end of the year first-round match-ups and we’ll do a
little bit of a breakdown of the head-to-head of all the matches so as
you can see there John Ian’s got to buy in the first round so he will be playing
the winner of Bradley Bradley Claire I can’t pronounce this one I did I watched
him play last week and I still get it clan I think it’s Clan Bradley clan and crumpled a cop Kapil it’s going to be
fun wait until we get to Russia couple they had never played before so they’ve
got 0-0 meetings in all events so they haven’t even played in qualifying or
anything so that should be an interesting match then you’ve got two
qualifiers playing each other so they’re yet to be determined there should be
should be updated tomorrow or later today
you’ve got send green versus pure we pronounce that properly later they’ve
never played before either they’ve never played in qualifying anyway anything
like that although all I know about saying green is that he played really
well at the start of the year I think he got to like the quarterfinals of the
Australian Open or something beating a couple of good players so that’s the
only only thing I’ve heard of him I said no there’s no match up there no previous
results for that one Jack Sox got a bye which is good for him then the next
matchup between Mia and Metiria we’ll go with that
once before and the Germans actually won that match up so there’s a little bit of
history there not anything crazy to go off but you probably favor the guy
that’s got the got the head to head lead in that one and then the winner plays
Jack sock so I think the winner of that match drawing by Jack Sox form the
winner of that match could probably get to the if you get to the quarterfinals
of the semies depending on some of the other results because as you can see
there there’s a couple of qualifiers in that you go should pop up
it should pop the love who who’s a solid player but yeah you got a couple of
qualifiers you’ve got an outer form Jack sock so they headed back those guys you
can push through to maybe a quarterfinal as you can see there there’s and maybe
there are they related left from Sweden both with the same last name which I
can’t pronounce in let’s go so with Mia he’s playing against qualifier so again
we will find out who he plays once all the fires have been finished and then
you’ve got your Popolo who is also up against a qualifier so there’s no
ranking near it’ll be interesting to see who he plays so I added the top half of
the draw here probably say that maybe a semi final
matchup would be going by seeds you probably go with is now an sure Papa
love those guys seem to be the two guys that are informed you never know maybe
the week off for John is know maybe being away from his new family but his
new new kid might affect him maybe he’s a little rusty from not playing and he’s
probably you know been up all night with his new kids so maybe there’s a bit of
an upset somewhere but you think that John isn’t probably be a semifinalist
for this event and sure Papa love has a lot to play for because he’s playing for
the next gen rankings he hasn’t done he’s yet to qualify so he’s got a lot to
play for this week and with Jack sock sort of being out of form this year I
don’t think he’s gonna really progress that far and then there’s a lot of
qualifiers as well on that side of draw so could be an interesting interesting
quarterfinal semifinal matchups there we’ll go through all those later in the
week he will do some live streams depending on those matchups if it is
true Papa love and easier in the semi finals I’ll probably do a live stream
because that’s an interesting matchup both guys have a lot to play for he’s
not playing for the playing for the race to London it’s probable of playing for
the race to Milan so see what happens in a young guy against an old guy
interesting the draw now so you got Verdasco versus
abdun at the top and I think that’s a great match that’s gonna be a really
good match they’ve got no previous history haven’t played before but
everything has been playing really well lately got to the quarterfinals of
Shanghai last week and I think he’s now in the top 40 or 50 him is it just
outside now he’s in and against the guy like Verdasco who’s a little bit older
modeski was ranked number 30 in the world
so the on paper they’re pretty close on rankings I think if there might be in
maybe 40 son 42 or maybe 38 somewhere around there so that matchup I think is
gonna be great is abdun lost to cherish in the
quarterfinals of Shanghai last week so he’s got the form and obviously Choi it
got to the final against djokovic but yeah that would be a good matchup I
think it’s everyone’s got a good chance there to get through and make another
good run this week possibly make a semi final if you can beat Verdasco so we’ll
see what happens there and you’ve got Alex demeanor versus Philipp
Kohlschreiber another good match another couple of good players demeanor is
playing for a spot in Milan as well had a great year this year I think he
started me or 200 standing to the top 30 number one ranked Aussie for at the
moment so he’s listening all the guy sort of like a Badescu in kohlrabi you
know so another good matchup it would be interesting to see what happens there
seems like all the Australians are playing in this side of the draw so then
you got drunk Melbourne he’s playing up against a qualifier it’s strange because
on my draw sheet here he says that he was playing against good Jo a German
player judged sick and there was actually a bit of a head dead record
there with them playing in qualifying and stuff but obviously they’ve he might
have pulled the pin and they’ve got he’s up against a qualifier so that’s good
for John Millman I think this is his first match since beating Federer at the
at the US Open so be interesting to see how he goes and you’ve got third seed
since the past there he’s got a bye in the first round and should do pretty well I mean you’ll play
Milman or a qualify on a second second-round match and depending on what
happens at the top of the draw with evident of the desk oh you know put up a
couple easy matches there then Chung at six seed and he’s playing
against Taylor Fritz who is a good up-and-coming player they played once
before Chung has the the only win in their head-to-head record but this is
going to be a matchup that you’re probably going to see for a couple of
years both guys are up-and-coming players both are in the race to Milan
two young guys both 2021 so this is gonna be a matchup you’re probably gonna
see in finals and semi finals you used to come if anything you’ve Chung Chung s
records anything to go by how he did the start of the year beating Djokovic at
the Australian Open he’s obviously got that a little bit of experience and then
Taylor fritz I think he’s going to be up and coming in just needs a hit get some
results so that’s gonna be really good matchup to start with that one as well
between some of the young guns of the competition and we’ve got Cutler vs.
Garcia Lopez there’s no history there so first round meet our first meeting for
those guys then you’ve got Daniel versus laco again so prior head-to-head record
never played before against each other so 0-0 beer and then frog knees down the
bottom with a with a bi so my prediction for this I think that well fuck me fuck
me knee is gonna is the forum Player of the whole draw he’s the guy that’s got
the most titles this year from out of all of them he’s got a lot of finals as
well that he lost we should have more final and more titles this year so our
three titles compared to the other guys who don’t have who journey and that has
couples which a couple of big ones but the other guys the other seeds don’t
have any titles so I think Fognini is a big chance getting to the semi finals
here and I think we got it you gotta go with its best cos she’s got a lot more
to play for they both of them do really since the past has got a lot to play for
he wants to try and get to London push for London but get some I think he’s in
Milan already but he’s trying to push for that end of year ranking try and get
try and get in the top eight and maybe play against the federer’s and Djokovic
is rather than playing against the young guys and
frogmen he’s got a got to make his way into London as well I think he’s just a
little bit too far away he’s gonna have to like smash the next couple of matches
and and win like all the tournaments you know in the next couple of weeks but
still he might be able to be an alternative of picking finishing at 9 or
10 your Rafa being injured patro injured might have a chance there of coming in
as an alternative you can finish in the top 10 so he’s got a lot to play for as
well and he’s the on inform guy so on paper those those are the two guys you
think would get to this semi-finals against each other but then you know the
Aussies that are playing at the top of this drawer playing pretty well I mean
since the past versus Norman would be a great matchup you never know what could
happen there Adam anar who has had a great year as
well he was probably gonna qualify for Milan and place it surpassing Milan so
that would be interesting to see those guys play against each other maybe in
the quarter-final and then you got herbs injuries on form as well and Verdasco
and Colt rubber I mean that’s a tough it was a tough draw so it’s a pass so easy
to get out of that and get to the semi-finals he might even be favored to
win me the tournament so it’s a tough tough ask for him but you know no matter
who he plays he’s gonna have to play a good player whereas Fognini probably
doesn’t have a really tough matchup until he gets to either chung or fritz
no and if those guys don’t get through then for me he’s go pretty easy semi
fire way to the semi-final so I think that I think that yeah you probably got
to go with Fognini is it probably a definite semi-finalists and yeah then
you can maybe go sit surpass or obtain on form you know for that second spot in
the semi final there so let’s have a look at the rankings now
so we’ve got this is the race to London we’ll probably do the race to Milan a
little bit later but this is the race to London so as you can see there you’ve
got five guys qualified already chillage is almost there
Anderson’s pretty close and then teams not that far behind
you should quarry unfortunately I thought he was probably gonna do better
last week lost the Federer but still you know still within reach of team isn’t
this back this week so we’ll see what happens with his ranking he’ll probably
need to win this tournament and then play really well in the next couple of
tournaments that are worth more points to qualify
especially if team doesn’t play but team will probably play in Paris just to get
through I think he’ll probably play in Vienna as well I think there’s another
tournament Vienna so he’ll probably play those charge isn’t playing this week for
many years he’ll need to have a solid rosada mean he’s 1,400 points behind
team so I mean he’s almost out of it like I said he’s probably gonna have to
play for that 9th or 10th spot and then hope for an injury to get him then
you’ve got Edmond and sits a pass who is also both those guys probably pushing
for the 9th or 10th spot coming as an alternative and then that kind of
rounded out the other guys probably a little bit too far away and then the
other guys are playing in other tournaments we’ll go through that later
yeah that’s for me the breakdown the rankings in what and what kind of
implications the these tournaments or this tournament in particular has and
like I said you’ve got is now Fognini did surpass and there was a forty and
sock who was number seventeen who’s just outside of this top sixteen so strong
field for for Stockholm so that’s my breakdown of the weight of this week’s
tournament in Stockholm I’ll be doing the same thing for Russia and for
Belgium like I said we haven’t got all the qualifiers updated yet so there are
a couple of matches here that need to be updated if you can see there’s TP where
it says TBA is a qualifier but yeah we’ve got a couple of good matchups over
the next you know week in this tournament a lot on the line for a lot
of players you know a lot of guys are just finishing up the year you know
there’s a lot of guys that are playing for spots in London and in Milan so you
know a lot on the line should be good I’ll probably do some live streams of
this tournament it’s probably my my favorite tournament for the week to
watch because of those of the players and what’s at stake so probably maybe if
the semi-finals are between a couple of good players like it’s a pass and
Fortney play maybe I’ll watch watch that because they’ve both got a lot on the
line and I probably do the finals as well which if the final was easier and
it’s the past then that’s going to be a good one too because both of those guys
have a lot on the line so well we’ll see how it goes you know there’s always
upsets this time of year you know it’s been a long season the guys that are in
the top top 20 you’ve played a lot of matches to get this it could be a few
upsets and we could have a qualifier winner this time of you it’s not not
uncommon so see what happens now let’s have a look at so we’ll do more of a Q&A
session maybe next week once these videos start
rolling a little bit more sure any questions and stuff like that make sure
you put them in the chat we’ll go through them if you’re listening to this
as a podcast and you probably won’t be able to do any of that but make sure you
go to my youtube channel if you want watch the video of this and yeah I’m
pretty sure that’s all my pick so I’ve got a pic before it’s a tough one it is
a tough one like I said it could be you know could
be a it could be an upset winner here you know you’ve got a lot of good plays
in that second half of the draw a lot of good a lot of unform players since the
US Open so but I have a feeling that sits a pass is gonna it’s gonna win this
one I just feel if he can get over Fognini he’s got a lot to play for and
he hasn’t won his first title and I think he will want to win his first
title before getting to Milan and he’s had a couple of good wins you know he’s
beaten he’s beaten some of the top guys you know he’s played against these big
Djokovic was like a Dillon form guy now he’s beaten team and he’s been his
variance so he’s got their confidence I haven’t actually watched him play yet
I’m some 100 percent sure what his game style is I’m pretty sure he’s a tall guy
with a mixer but you know I think that if he can get through his quarter of the
draw with all those uniform players and and well-known players I think he’s a
big chance you know Fognini obviously on paper is the guy who’s in form these are
the most titles but I think since the pests the man for my liking so that’s
who I’m putting my money on I’m putting on sit surpass I think easiness how to
wake off you know he’s had a big life event go on so a beach scene to see hey
how he comes back after a week of being with his new baby so I think it
surpasses the man at this one I think you’ll win his first title qualify for
his interview in Milan and push for that spot in London as well so since the past
is just the is the pick for me on this one so
yeah I think that’s about it really we’ll do another live stream about on
the other other tournaments this week and yeah if you love the video guys make
sure you give us a thumbs up and also subscribe I do a lot of these breakdowns
I’ll be doing a lot more as the season comes to an end I’ll be doing a lot more
live streams as well if you’re into that kind of stuff also probably be covering
a lot more sports for the NBA starting up in a couple of days so I probably do
more sports on that sort of side of things as well and of course everything
tennis as well so make sure that you subscribe to the channel and give this
for you I like if that’s what you’re into thanks for watching guys we’ll see
you in the next one it’s watching

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