you all right we’re back with the breakdown
of the European open so yep everything’s loaded good all right
so we just through breakdown of the Stockholm event so make sure that you go
and look at that one we’re just a live stream so it should be loading at the
moment if you want to know anything to do with that event go to that video this
video is going to be on the event that’s in Belgium this week so we’re gonna go
through all the different things they have to do with this match all the
implications in terms of ranking and of Year lon
London all that stuff yeah so we’ve got a pretty good field I would say that
Stockholm has got a better field but this still got a pretty good field less
implications on ranking but still there’s some guys that have a lot to
play for this week if they want to make it into play in London at the end of the
year so we’ll go through all of that will go through the draw will go through
first-round match-ups head to head who I think’s gonna win and all that fun stuff
so we do a little bit of betting on this channel as well we talk about the odds
and stuff like that if people are into that and yeah and I’ll put my money
where my mouth is I’ll make sure that I put a bet on before the match to start
so then you know for that mainly for the winner of the tournament because they’re
the best bigger the best round best odds so and then the toughest bets
to make so I’ll do that yeah so as you can see here we’ve got on the right side
of the screen the first round matches if you can see that it says TBA next to a
player that you’re following his name he means that qualifying hasn’t finished
yet so those those matches haven’t been filled out yet so when that happens that
means I won’t be able to do a head-to-head because we don’t know who
they got play yet you won’t be able to do a head-to-head for a few of those
matches yet I think I update that tonight because all the matches start
tonight I think and as you can see there as usual top four seeds get a bye in the
first round and all the other guys have had their opponents set except for the
qualifiers also with the the numbers that are next to
the players names that is the odds for that match so if we take a random one
for example Lopez versus TFO Tier four is a dollar fifty five to win that match
so if you’re into betting there the odds you can you can place your bets as you
like hopefully some of these some of the things that I tell you might influence
you in those those bets that you make so we’ll go through everything to do with
this tournament and who I think is going to win it all that fun stuff so we’ll
get straight into it let’s have a look at the seeds in a little bit more depth
so it’s a pretty new tournament it’s only been around for a couple of years
as you can see there we haven’t got many um haven’t got past for many past
champions your jo-wilfried tsonga and you got which is guys I guess Kay who is
the number five seed this year so little bit history for him this tournament um
actually undefeated in this tournament so that’s pretty interesting and yeah so
we’ll go through the go through the 2018 seeds also I’ve got a little bit of a
poll going on at the top corner on the right side so we’ve got the top five
seeds who do you thinks gonna win make sure you cast your vote on that and you
know see if you guys are gonna be a winner at the end of the week all right
so Kyle Edmund now he has he’s ranked number 14 moment and he has a big chance
of getting to to London maybe as an alternative I don’t think I think he’s a
little bit too far behind to push his way into the top eight and qualify but
you know he’s a chance because of guys like Nadal and del Potro both being
under injury clouds you know you we’re not sure what what’s going on with those
guys at the moment so he’s a chance of if he finishes 10th or ninth you could
come in as an alternative it’s in his it’s in his home country so he’s
probably gonna be around you unless he goes on holiday how do that
but yeah he’s gonna be around probably for that so if he can get to the 10 the
10 or the 9 spot which is not too far away he’s number 14 now so he’s a chance
he might be a chance of an alternative there uh so Edmond has not won any
titles this year he has had a couple of good results but he hasn’t won any
titles but to the semi-final of the Australian Open lost to chillage in that
match so best result for him I think probably
his best career result is that Australian Open run he had and he’s had
some solid wins this year he’s beaten dimitrov he’s beaten Djokovic and he’s
also beaten Murray who you know hasn’t had a good year marry but it’s because
of injury but for a British guy to beat the number one British guy of the most
popular British guy it’s a big deal for him so he’s obviously now the number one
UK player and to beat the old number one UK player it’s a significant result so
as you can see there he’s had his best finish here in the semi finals in the
first event they had he’s got a 3-1 record here so I’ve got a bit of a bit
of form in this event before second seed is Diego Schwartzman he is the 16th like
player in the world he I think he’s a little bit too far off that from that
for that alternative spot he’s had a couple of good results so this year he’s
won a title in Brazil so he’s won it’s a pretty sure that was on clay as well so
bets his preferred surface coming into the last bit of the year as well there’s
no more there’s no clay court event and I think so he won’t be able to play on
the clay until next year and a quarter final result of Roland Garros where he
lost to Nadal so I had a good run there getting to getting to the quarterfinals
so again it’s probably his preferred surface he’s had some solid wins as well
he’s won against Anderson he’s won against courage and he’s also actually
won against Carl Edmond so if they do meet in the final because
that’s the only time they’ll be able to meet it would be interesting because
he’ll play Edmond Edmonds with a lot to play for this week so we’ll see what
happens and as you can see there is actually we got the best record of
anybody in the tournament at this event he’s one he’s got to the final twice so
seven and two record so he’s got the most experience at this event probably
ever because he’s only had there’s only been two of them so you know he’s been
the final of both and there’s no double defending champ so he’s definitely the
man the man with the most experience here third seed is Miller Franek he is
number 20 in the world a little bit of a strange season for him he hasn’t won any
tournaments this year I think he was injured at the start of the year or
towards the middle but even if he has even so he’s had a couple of solid
results he’s got with quarterfinals of Wimbledon where he lost he is now he you
also got to the semi-finals of Indian Wells where he lost a de Patri who ended
up winning the whole thing so a couple of good results for him and he’s also
had wins over the likes of me TRO of Barranca and verdict now all of those
guys have had a tough year verdict is out for a while I think a
back injury rink is on the comeback trail now from a leg injury I think and
dmitrov I think his injured at the moment because I haven’t heard from him
for a while yeah so but still you know big-name players solid solid wins over
those guys yeah so it hasn’t played this event before again probably a little bit
too far away to make it to London unless the field of London gets absolutely
decimated with injury and he comes in as like a fourth or fifth alternative but I
don’t think that it’s likely so probably not gonna make it to London this year
but still can finish the year off with a couple of good results
and a 14 is Richard Gasquet he’s the 25th player in the world
getting to a bit of a later part of his career it’s a bit of a shame because he
he’s always had good results but he’s never quite gotten to the top to the top
level and as a Grand Slam champion or anything like that he’s won one title in
the Netherlands this year best his best record he saw a best result is a
qualifier in Montecarlo where he lost just session it’s very very not a bad
result you know quarterfinals in Monte Carlo
Masters 1000 event and he said some solid wins as well so he’s beaten
Anderson Goff on and curioso pretty good results there I mean kudos is kind of up
and down so it’s a little bit hard to tell on that one but Anderson’s had a
solid year so that’s a pretty good win over a top top eight guy and as you can
see he was the new inaugural winner of this event so he won in 2016 so he’s got
to perform here didn’t look like he played last year so yeah it looks like
he has a has some positive memories from playing in this event and maybe that’ll
push him through to another win here and again probably a little bit too probably
definitely a little too far away to play in London so still wants to finish the
year with the top from there maybe another title and and a couple of good
good wins under his belt all right so that’s the seeds as you can see there
we’ve also got five six seven and eight you’ve got Simone you’ve got my fee to
your photo who’s good young player up-and-comer he’s got a bit of a bit to
play for this week because he’s in the in the race to Milan and Haas as well
who I think he’s a little bit of an older veteran as well couple of couple
of good names there so let’s go through the draw will go for the first half of
the draw start with so you got the top seed car led minute at the very top of
the page he’s got a bye in the first round as all the top four seeds do in
this tournament and his potential second round opponent
will be there a qualifier or ramela’s for Nautilus who I think he was I’m not
I don’t was intro didn’t he have good he had a good year last year that he was in
the top he was in the top 20 for a while I don’t know maybe he’s just dropped off
this year anyway so that’s Carl Evans exponent so we can’t do a head-to-head
record on that one oh geez these names are gonna be interesting
okay so the next the next one there’s no head-to-head record with those guys so
we’ll just skip over that Haas has a qualifier in the first round so that’ll
be determined tonight I think s Kay’s got to buy Yoona and Vesely I’ve not
been any prior meeting so that’s the first meeting for those guys
strewth and kowolik have played twice before so there’s a little bit of
history here probably out of all the first round matches depending on what
happened for qualifying this one here is the it’s the one with the most history
so we can go off that and strophe has two wins over Copa Lex so that’ll be an
interesting one there Stroupe is a big big server from Germany
he’s played Federer this year so from what I can remember maybe in the
Australian Open so that’ll be interesting match there with a little
bit of history and then Feliciano Lopez versus TFO will be very interesting
because you got a guy who’s played you kind of got like the different
generations the guy who has been around forever in Korean his mid 30s end of his
career almost and TFO who’s just starting and has a lot to play for this
week he wants to probably qualify for Milan and and have a go there before the
end of the year is out so good first round match they’ve never played before
so be interesting to see how young American plays against the left-handed
Spaniard so that’ll be interesting to see so in terms of results for this it’s
you probably think that Kyle Edmunds got a lot more to play for so he’s probably
gonna be played okay last week in Shanghai he lost his Vera in the
quarterfinals so he’s got a little bit of form going on he hasn’t really this
little buddy had much of a challenge and to the semi-finals you know there’s a
few qualifiers in that draw his quarter of the draw so I think he’d probably get
through there and get to the semi-finals then you’ve got pretty interesting
bottom half of that first sorry that middle quarter
Gasquet in and out a form played against del Potro last week we didn’t play very
well but then you’ve got Lopez and TFO I think Terry ofoh can get out of that
match he’ll probably be a pretty good a good bet to get to the semi-finals just
because of what he has to play for he’s got a lot more a bigger goal to go
forward whereas Gasquet doesn’t really have have anything on the line
no four he misses from the finish of the Year strong so I think that’ll be
interesting quarterfinal if TFO can get through Lopez though that’s also going
to be a tough match there and then if we if let’s say strewth wins that’s going
to be a second-round match nightmare for him because it’s a big server so if TFO
can get through the first round then no it’s not gonna be easy but he can
probably get to the semi-final he gets it second half of the draw and you’ve got a
couple of big names here former big names and not so much these days because
of injury but at the top there you’ve got
monfriez versus Bemelmans they have played once before well if we had the
win on that one so very interesting we’ll see what
happens there my fears all up and down all over the place you never know what’s
gonna happen you could win this in straight sets he could lose this in
three he could lose dissing straights it is you can’t really predict predict what
he does second maps there is jo-wilfried tsonga vs. Heller
so Sango was on a big injury lay-off I think he came back a couple weeks ago
he’s actually the defending champion won this event last year so got a lot to
play for he longer but on the comeback good to see him back they’ve got no
history they’ve never played before so he’s a little bit of a bit of a dark
horse here cuz you know if he does win he’ll play maybe more fee who he can
beat he’s got trionic who’s not having the
best of years as well so he’s a chance to maybe get to a semi-final here he’s
got form in this event you know previously so gonna watch out
for him in the draw you got mayor and Pospisil never played
before trionic who’s actually the favorite to win this event in terms of
the bedding which is kind of strange considering his um his season so far
he’s the favorite to win I think maybe it’s because he’s got the name or is the
other guys Edmund and Schwartzman are sober bit you know bit more of up and
comers where maybe the betting company oh I got the god the odds off it’s
favoring the name of trionic but hey Rennick is the favorite and big chance
got a bye in the first round obviously but let it be an interesting matchup he
plays Songer in the quarterfinals I mean you beat match there’d be a good one I
might actually do a livestream of that one later in the week someone has a
qualifier in the first round so no history there you got Kenzie McDonald
versus Nicholas Jerry so that’s interesting
because those guys have both had pretty good form the last few weeks
Jerry be Chili’s last week in Shanghai and I think Mackenzie McDonald had a big
win recently to see I think he’s a young up-and-comer everyone ever played before
so that’ll be an interesting first round match there and then you’ve got cam nori
who’s playing a qualifying the first round so not sure what I mean he’s gonna
play yet and Diego Schwartzman who is the number two seed has a bye
so again interesting quarter quarterfinal matchups potentially I mean
that bottom half of the draw bottom corner in the drawers interesting
because you got a lot more qualifiers but then again like you know you’ve got
players besides woodsmen who is number 16 in the world you know saman is sort
of behind so maybe there’s a guy like maybe a guy like McKenzie MacDonald can
get through there and and have a good result maybe we get to a quarterfinal
semifinal or Nikolas Jerry again you know those guys have both had good wins
lately played you know I’ve I don’t know if they’ve had McKenzie McDonald’s had a
good win but I’ve heard you play a big matches this year I think he played a
really big match in the Australian Open against top-five player I say them the
doll or Federer but he had a good here you know he’s played on the big stage
before so see what happens he might might be able to have a good run here in
terms of this half of the draw I think that I think that the winner the person
who gets the fire was going to be between Tsonga and trionic raunak’s the
favorite the bidding favorite song as the defending champion I think of those
guys play in the quarterfinals the winner of that will be the will get to
the final I’m not counting outs warts Minh he’s had a good year but he’s a
clay core player so a little bit of a different surface here I think it’s
indoors as well um Green said hardcore Sherman’s indoor so might be a little
bit too fast for him then yeah then again like I said you might get a young
guy or a guy like McKenzie McDonald get through or Cam nori might get through
have a good week so I think but yeah I think the money would be on trionic or
Tsonga to get through the final there and now we can
rankings for London so as you can see there you re on ik and Edmund both
playing this week both in the top 16 Eriksson I have to have a pretty solid
into the years probably I have to win a couple of events to get to even
alternative of London and even Edmunds gonna have to have a really solid years
but we have to win this tournament get 250 points from it and then play really
well in the next couple of weeks where they’ve got 500 point and thousand
point 20 minutes we’ll see what happens with Edmund obviously got a lot more to
play for and yeah Schwartzman isn’t on that list it’s really strange is the
number 16 in the world but he’s not he might be just outside of the race to
London which is kind of strange maybe he just hasn’t done really well maybe he
did really well at the end of last year which is why which is why he’s just out
of it it’ll be interesting to see be really interesting to see all right
for this tournament where I’m going to put my money let’s go through and I it’s
probably a toss-up between Edmond Tsonga trionic and T or photo
I reckon those four guys are probably the guys I mean you’ve got gas keg of
Schwartzman you know those guys as well but it’d be even more fees my fee might
have a crazy week you know he’s he’s too unpredictable
I don’t think I could go for him Edmonds got a lot more to play for TFO has a lot
to play for then Brown is the favorite this is tough I think then hmm I think
you got a you probably got to go Edmund I think Edmonds got a lot more to play
for watching him last week against against para if he played pretty well
against Vera had a good week besides the Djokovic match but up until
then he was happening a good week so you played well against him so I think he’s
got that confidence also he’s not the betting favorite so Edwin will be
cashing out a little bit more I think he might be third or fourth favorite so a
little bit of money made off an Edmund wind the tire so I think I might put my
money on him but I wouldn’t be surprised if you get someone like a job I could a
Tsonga or a month free get through a win the whole thing
and also TFO I like I think he’s got to play for say it will have that added
motivation as well to maybe do well and if he plays Edmund in the semi-finals
I’ll probably do a livestream with that because both guys have a lot to play for
there’s a lot more on the line so and also Tsonga versus trionic is gonna be a
good match if they can both make it to the quarterfinals so my money’s on
Edmund for this one he’s second or third favorite so a little bit of money on
that one there and yeah we’ll finish this video up I’ll come back and do the
final event in Moscow don’t know if there’s as much on the line in Moscow
and Moscow as much as these other events I think the guys in those events a
little bit lower rank so it’s more about getting getting a win at the end of the
season for those guys still some good players playing though so there’s some
really tough names to say so they’ll be interesting to read out those names but
make sure that make sure you subscribe to the videos I subscribe to the channel
like the videos I’m going to be doing breakdowns like this every week from now
on also do live streams as well of matches so make sure you go and check
out those we did a lot last week in Shanghai so if you want to watch any of
those also we talked about betting and a little bit
outside of things so if you’re into that sort of stuff make sure you subscribe
and yeah we’ll come back with another video in about 10 or 15 minutes so make
sure you’re ready for that one so we’ll see you soon guys you

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