Ready Hello, everyone, I’m P Today, I’m going to demonstrate an experiment Now I have two balls on my hands One is a basketball; another one is a tennis ball They look so normal as they do Their texture is not bad What will happen if I drop them together with the tennis ball being on top of the basketball? It will be amazing! Firstly, let’s have a look on how high the basketball can bounce It bounces to the level of my waist Secondly, let’s see how tennis ball goes It bounces to the level of my hip The effect is as normal as expected But, what if we put the two balls together and drop them? What will happen? Wow! It’s over two and a half of my height Why is that? Let’s listen to our Physics expert He seems to be one Let him explian it Thomas~     Hi~ Er…I’m here Hi You can know I’m at you right by hearing even though you can’t see Hi Why the heck you’re wearing this Last time I had the medium pork The medium pork made me feel pain in my eyes Is there anything to do with the medium pork? Ya, I think so Can you take it off? Okay What I meant take your blindfold off! You should have made it clear You don’t need to do this to me. I’m not a woman I want to ask you… What’s so funny!? I serious want to know why…
There’s nothing on my face stop smirking, could you? I want to know why when I placed the tennis ball on the top of the basketabll and dropped them together when they bounced the tennis ball bounced to such a high level? What’s the principle behind? To understand this You should know one thing that is the concept of ‘momentum’ What is momentum? Every moving object has its momentum Momentum is equal to mass times velocity Is it that the larger the surface area the higher the velocity is? I didn’t say ‘surface area’ ‘surface area’ is another thing You might have mixed the two concepts up or thought that they are related to each other This is a common misconception I don’t study; I don’t work You explain it Surface area and mass are not related For example A foam box is very large but the mass is very low A lead ball has small surface area but the mass is far higher than that of a foam box Is it related to density? Well, you may say so But density is not related to today’s topic the experiment of basketball and tennis ball Just take it as I’d understood Okay, then let me carry on I don’t study; I don’t work Where was I There There? Momentum is equal to mass times velocity Oh, I’ve said this already We know that the mass of a basketball is high It carries large momentum even if it just moives a little bit When the basketball hit the tennis ball the momentum of the basketball transferred to the tennis ball The mass of a tennis ball is lower than that of a basketball Therefore if it receives such large momentum of the basketball It turns out to have high velocity That’s why when the basketball hit the tennis ball The tennis ball soared into the sky This is the transfer of momentum I believe I totally understand What if I find a smaller thing like a bouncing ball and place it at the top of the tennis ball and basketball Will the effect be stronger? Yes, bouncing ball is perfect But is it that every smaller thing can give the same effect? Not necessarily It gives very bad effect if you use a lead ball The mass of a lead ball is far higher than that of a basketball It doesn’t work if you replace the tennis ball with the lead ball The effect may get reversed Two balls fall sharply together But, bouncing ball is a very good choice It has lower mass than basketball does Right, little ball is good Bounce to the moon Let’s go! Okay. We’ve made it But it was so strange Why was it not bouncing straight? It seemed to have no strength Well, I think we’ve done it quite well Not perfect but acceptable I like this sentence In a matter of second It’s acceptable It was really in a matter of second for the bouncing Why was it not straight? Becasue momentum is vector Vector is something that has direction When the momentum transferred to the bouncing ball as you can see The bouncing ball, tennis ball and basketball were not aligned So the boucning ball went out in other direction If the three balls are aligned when they touch the ground in a straight line the bouncing ball can go far faster and higher Can I use ‘concentrated’ to describe this concept? The balls concentrate on the straight line which make it faster and more powerful I probably won’t use this term It is that they are in the same direction But in our experiment, there was not only one direction There were many components I remember that when I was little I played a water pipe Like some old man who has no strength comes out drop by drop Don’t laugh When I held the head tightly Don’t feel pain When I held the pipe heaad tightly the water came out very fast Oh. It’s toally not related It’s other thing I didn’t go to school. Pardon me I was talking about the components of vector Okay. I understand Thank you That’s it for the explaination Do you understand? It’s okay if I don’t It’s all about you If you don’t understand, please comment and ask I’ll let him answer He has knowledge that I don’t have If you like this video… What the heck are you doing again? If you like this video Please ‘Like’ it and share it with your friends Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and click the bell button to receive our latest information We upload our video every Thursday At least at the moment we do in this way See you next time. Bye bye~ Are you done? I should keep wearing this blindfold or I feel pain again I don’t know what you have watched That’s it. Bye bye~

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