Okay! I have the track that JetDaisuke sent me. Let’s play it for a second! Uh, isn’t this pretty much a complete track? I hope nobody has high expectations of me.. What JetDaisuke-san is good at, is mixing, creating a beat, and arrangement of a track. He’s really really good. Hm, so that’s why… The beat and arrangement that JetDaisuke sent, I’m going to leave it as it is.. And.. The whole melody we’ve developed until now, I want to delete everything, and record something different. It’s kind of a completely different sound, but.. It’ll be interesting to see where JetDaisuke takes it. I think he’ll be shocked. Okay, I’m going to hit play. Anyway, so next week, JetDaisuke will post his response. Look forward to it I guess! OK C U L8TERz

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Dennis Veasley

85 thoughts on “[日本語] GarageBand Tennis #006 ガレージバンドテニス 006”

  1. hahaha this collab is very interesting 😛 but i have to agree with omnivorace… less is more xD 😛
    Still good though 😛 better than anything I can do blaaaaaah 😀

  2. はじめまして。最近見始めました。


  3. I know how you feel! (Kinda) It's like any game really – someone makes a really good move and you're like "gaaahhhh, why do you have to be so awesome!?" *rips hair*

  4. @Schapurga Thank you so much! 🙂 I've never been to Ontario but I've always wanted to head out there someday!

  5. よくできました!このシリーズの前にガレージバンドのことがあんまり知りなかったが、今、まあ、私もちょっとやってみたいと思います :D

  6. Whaa! Been watching the progress and it's really interesting! I'm not much of a music person but I'd like to try this with art! C:

  7. @Ciaela I quite like the new melody that you've made… the other one, don't mind it, being techno had become slightly annoying.

  8. Funny. Most of the bands I see would blow out your eardrums. But I'm beginning to get an idea of one or two you might like.

  9. メロディーをきれいすっぱり切り替えたおかげで

  10. 二人の持ってきたい方向性が違いすぎてゴールが見えないです・・・
    そこが面白いのか!? 二人のゴールはどこにあるんだlol

  11. @Ciaela ever thought about making vocaloid music? it's a great and very creative community. i've not a deep knowledge about it, but the best japanese music/songs i've heard so far were vocaloid songs. take this for example: watch?v=prQWN4g9fQc

  12. すごいクリエイティブだね。それだけでも面白い!自分は大好きだ。ただ日本人っていうのは一般的に変化をあまり好まないから、ミカエラさんが大胆に変えたものにダイスケさんがどう反応するか楽しみ。

  13. This is awesomely creative! However, as Japanese altitude is more like stubborn , it is kinda concern to me about your dramatic change, and I am looking forward to seeing response in Daisuke's next video. Hope he is positive,, 🙂

  14. @satoshiho2006 正直にあまり自信ありませんでしたが、みんなさんが暖かく褒めてくれてビックリして嬉しかったです。私も、ダイスケさんのreactionみたいです。来週は楽しみにしています!

  15. Wow, this is awesome you guys are doing a collaboration!

    We should do one when you're finished with this one. I just did one with SayuleeMusic for my channel.

  16. @Guoguodi From my end of the year concert at school last year. Can you tell which person I am? 😉 (I'm up there.)

  17. 日本語とっても勉強したんですね、すごいです

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