283 days left before Tokyo 2020 Same venue as the Tokyo Olympics Team World Cup will commence on Nov 6 Strongest Nippon in history to conquer the world Team World Cup Just-Before Special TV Tokyo multi-day exclusive live broadcast Team World Cup will finally commence on Nov 6 Along with WTTC and Olympics this is 1 of the 3 majors Continental Champions from 12 countries will gather For the women’s, Olympic gold medalist Teinei Together with new World Champion, Ryu Shibun Strongest Chuugoku Furthermore Continental Champions from around the world
(Europe No. 1 Ruumania) (African Champion Ejiputo) (Arch-rival Kankoku) Engaging them for Nippon is a lineup of 4 on-form women Taking on the challenge of conquering the world for the 1st time On the men’s side the most powerful lineup with monster Harimoto in the center for World No. 1 The focus of this Team World Cup is the same venue as the Tokyo 2020 and same match format The location of decisive battle, same for the Tokyo 2020 – Tokyo Gynasium The match format for this Team World Cup 1 doubles followed by 4 singles
[CM playing 2 singles? Whee!] The doubles will be the key to victory Gotta take that at all costs Once, seizing the doubles in London Olympics Nippon showed the world of its strength by creating history The members this time are top 3 in Nippon, Ito, Ishikawa and Hirano The combination of these 3, strongest ever Whatever the pair, the strength is unrivaled (something about the strong Japanese bonds) After the doubles, the 1st of 4 singles matches The showdown between 2 aces The team to get 3 matches first wins Clash with national prestige on the line Team World Cup The fierce battle for the Tokyo Olympics multi-day exclusive live broadcast And so, these players hold the key to the Nippon world history Osaka, (a certain upscale restaurant) (Oolong tea) Table Tennis Nippon Heroine, Mima Ito Premium molt – No, it’s malt
Oh, it’s malt (Some chicken dish) Still at 18, she can’t be served beer yet Still at 18, she can’t be served beer yet
(Some roasted rice cake) Still at 18, she can’t be served beer yet
(Some anti-cancer mushroom) [I won’t die, right?] [I boost all the time, so I’ll be fine] Chuugoku doesn’t lose in table tennis(?) She overturns such common sense Last year, she came away with 12 wins 8 losses against Chuugoku Her world ranking rises to 7th place, highest among Nihon players Chuugoku slayer Ito This is how the local media calls her Great Demon King Moar! Let’s become the Great Demon King The key that led to Ito’s great leap Private coach Matsuzaki-san Thoroughly study the opponents and reveal weaknesses and strategies What kind of serve is there? What kind of receive is there? Which path for this serve or receive? The handwritten notebook has the winning formula Now, it’s at volume 63 It’s not techniques but tactics that win (something about unique coaching method) The mindset of the weak
– Is it?
Yes A nobody in his competing days Even if I practiced like everyone, I couldn’t become strong How to beat players above you? You have to win with your head Rather than techniques, he thinks in terms of wit We’d come up with tactics together However (something about China) How? I’m losing in the rallies The winning formula doesn’t work in direct confrontation Utter defeat But after the match Ito uttered an unexpected word I did everything I could I could work harder, in other words For the training after the tournament working earnestly in basic training called multi-ball What? What are they aiming for? When I play a player with a high baseline level I couldn’t win with tactics alone So this is the tactics Matsuzaki said the other day Take points by striking first On the flip side when tangled in the rally game I lose because of the difference in baseline level In Ito’s case, her baseline level is still lower than the top of the world On the other hand, if you extend from there How much basic training have you done? That is in order to beat Chuugoku eliminate weaknesses with unfamiliar multi-ball training in search for further evolution Sweden, 6th of this month The time has come to test the results of training The very opponent she lost to at WTTC A rematch with Son Eisa of Chuugoku Stay in the rally that she struggled desperately last time The point was taken away Yet Matsuzaki does not look concerned(?) Then Finally, winning in the rally The growth of Ito has taken the next-gen Chinese ace by surprise(?) A lost cause, Ito’s matchpoint No weak points (something about growth) There is now a way to score even after being struck by a Chinese player She’s grown up It’s true, I grow in each tournament Amazing, I think to myself “wow!” Will keep it up The evolved Mima Ito To Tokyo the center of the world(?) Up next, Monster Harimoto enters At the world stage rewriting the youngest records time after time, prodigy Tomokazu Harimoto At the WTTC this year, carrying on the expectation of being the youngest No way he was eliminated in the best 16 The prodigy broke down in tears I will go back and work harder However, he couldn’t win after that The whole world studied how he played sealing the strength of the monster (Something about Harimoto?) Harimoto tries to get out of the depths of despair by going to Sweden to meet a certain figure Konichiwa This figure is King of Table Tennis, Jan-Ove Waldner The only European in history to win the Olympic Gold In WTTC 1997, he reached the top without dropping a single game The best legend in table tennis history (something about Harimoto and Waldner) Listening to the insights of a table tennis player who went through the same thing Do you think about table tennis 24/7, or do you think about it only when training? – When he was a player?
Yes I think in nearly 24 hours, at least 23 hours My brother was also playing table tennis He was 2 years older We were Swedish Champion together in team and he was very good with the tactics so we speak about service and tactic…a lot, a lot We watch video from the players And so, for the most worrying question right now After you become World Champion, you get studied a lot How did you overcome the period when it’s hard to win? After ’92 when I won the Olympic Games then I start to win again but it’s not so easy And, ’92 I could handle it but before it was…I went down also Always to look at the top players Yea, I always try to find the best from the best player And I think also when you start(?) to lose respect for other players, you will go down What’s the most important thing to become a World Champion? You have to be, I think from your mental is strong Never be afraid to play your game It’s very important I could see many players who was really good players but could never win So you should never be afraid and trust your game in all situation Words of the legend strongly carved in Harimoto’s heart Well 23 out of 24 hours, (some thing about table tennis) The player who has the best titles other than the Chinese players Because I worked harder than anyone, not because I’m a prodigy(?) Stand up Team World Cup, I’ll get you
[Subbed by zeio]

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