=Love Is Deep==Episode 13=Welcome. Hello, Dingding. Is Xuan in? Boss went shopping for coffee mugs.
Is Xuan in? Boss went shopping for coffee mugs. She may return in a while. Xiaofeng, I didn’t see your friend who designs web pages. He’s arrived. He’s wearing a plaid shirt and a hat. See if anyone matches. Plaid shirt? Excuse me, are you Li Xiaowen?=Dou Miao Miao=
are you Li Xiaowen?=Dou Miao Miao=I would like to redesign my online store.
=Dou Miao Miao=I would like to redesign my online store. Come and take a look.=Dou Miao Miao=Girl, your taste is 40 years behind normal people. Memes that the middle-aged and the old like look better than your web page. It’s been more than a month. I haven’t received a single order. Is there any one of your girlfriends that knows about designing web pages? Relax. Even if there isn’t, I’ll just find someone who knows and make her mine. You must be Zheng Dingding. Nice to meet you, I’m Li Xiaowen. Sorry to keep you waiting. Never mind. It doesn’t matter where I am as long as I have my computer. Xiaofeng, you’ve sacrificed so much for me! Why are you laughing? Nothing. Just thought that you don’t look like the night club type of guy like Xiaofeng. Well, programmers need some relaxation once in a while. Okay… I wanted to redesign my online store.=Dou Miao Miao=
Maybe retake some pictures of my products and upload them.
=Dou Miao Miao=Okay, no problem. Li Xiaowen is a man! You… are a good friend, dude. What? What are you thinking about? He’s my friend. Don’t say weird stuff to him. Thanks. Love you. Yeah, right here. And the frames look too old-fashioned, right? Can you help me with those? Sure. How can a girl look so absent in a clothing store like you? I’m fine. Auntie Fei. I had an operation this afternoon. I’m just tired. Tired? I’ll tell Weijin to help you more. You two are classmates at college, and colleagues in the same department at hospital now. He’s a guy. He’s supposed to look out for you. What happened? You had a fight? Did he make you upset? No. Tell me the truth. How are things between you guys going now? Uncle Ning can only worry about you two at home. You never had a relationship before. In fact, when it comes to these things, it might be easier if the girl were to be a little forward. How should I do that? You know him. It doesn’t matter what I do if it’s something he doesn’t like. Yeah. He and his father are both like that. Your Uncle Ning misses his son so much at home. I told him to call Weijin, he just wouldn’t. That’s why I wanted to ask you a favor. Your Uncle Ning’s birthday is coming, can you please ask Weijin to come home and stay for his father’s birthday? When he comes, maybe Uncle Ning can help you with him. Really? Yeah. It’s been so many years. They have to deal with their issues. If you help Weijin with that, he will definitely like you more. I’ll try. Thank you. Look at you, you are a girl. And you only dress in black and white. Let me find you something to wear. Otherwise no guys will be attracted to you. What should I wear? I’m here. Leave that to me. Your hyperplastic nodule is less than 1 centimeter. You should adjust your lifestyle, and keep it healthy and regular. We’ll see how that works. Doctor Ning, I don’t need an operation? The nodule is small. Follow up visits are enough. But I’m afraid that something goes wrong. Can I have your WeChat? If I don’t feel comfortable, I can contact you in time. Is that okay, Doctor Ning? I will feel more secure that way. There’s an official account of the emergency department where you can consult online. Doctor Ning’s WeChat is private. Doctor Ning. I don’t give my patients my WeChat ID. But if you are really worried… Ding Yang. Professor Ning. Give her yours. You are responsible for her now. Let me scan your QR code. I’m hurt. You wanted to talk to me? Uncle Ning and Aunt Fei are coming for dinner at our place tonight. My dad would like to ask you to join. I don’t have the time. It’s just dinner. You haven’t seen each other for a long time. I really don’t have the time. Xuan broke up. I need to watch over her. Xuan broke up? With whom? Gao Ren? Gao Ren is not a gentleman. Is Xuan alright? Take Nannan to the store. She’s fine. I got to go. Good. Done. Next. Shoot this. Okay. What are you doing? Why do you ask me to bring Ning Weinan? Nannan’s here. I wanted to film some videos and put them online, with Nannan being the model. You’ve already got a lot of cats, do you really need him? Because Nannan is so cute. Nannan, give me a hug. Here. Why are you looking at me? How dare you? Don’t take that down. You are to attract customers for Dingding’s studio. Don’t you want to help? Right, Dingding? Yeah. Doctor Ning, shoot for me. How do you want me to pose?=I can be a doorkeeper. Adopt me!=
How do you want me to pose?=I can be a doorkeeper. Adopt me!=# Only you can heal me with love # # Tend to my fragile heart # # For me your blank face # # Turns to a big simle # # Thank you for healing me with love # # How do I replay you # # Our eyes met with tenderness # # Our story is meant to be # # Only you can heal me with love # # Tend to my fragile heart # # For me your blank face # # Turns to a big simle # # Don’t you think so # Here. Okay, all clean. What? Not satisfied? No. These are good. But they seem to lack something… What? Relevance. What? Online shopping is a psychological behavior. So if you want your customers to want to buy something, you have to follow the psychological law of the behavior of purchasing. The design of your store is much more attractive now. User experience is better, too. But it still lacks relevance. But how can I improve it? How about drawing some comics? You can write a short story for each of your toys. If people are attracted by the stories, they’ll want to buy your products. Good point. I’ve always believed that a great designer can design and also express his feelings. Doctor Ning, you are very smart. Zheng Dingding, do you know that when someone is doing what she really likes, she shines, like when you are with someone you really like. You were just shining. Are you a little into me? You… Narcissist. You can also create more characters. For example, Shrimp Ball, Kelp, Double-Cooked Pork and Little Scarf. You know about it. Ning Weijin is not good with secrets. Are you mad at me? Should I be mad at you? Here we are. You’re home. You wanna come in? Yeah. Just kidding. Maybe next time. Don’t stay up too late tonight. Yeah. I’m off, then. Thanks. He is so cute! I wanna meet him! Can I get him if I drink coffee there? Those cat ears are so adorable! I want a same pair! We are popular! Dingding, post the address of your store! Yeah. Yeah. Hurry. I’m advertise in my Moments. Me, too. I’m here, darlings. You come so early, boss. You guys work so hard, I have to, too. Have you received any orders since the redesign? It’s only been one day. Orders don’t come that fast. Can you please tell me if I can buy the same kind of cat ears here? Yes. You want a pair? Do you design all of the products you sell here? Yes. Also, we customize our products for your cat according to your needs. Great. Judging from your online store, you like Baicha? He’s my idol. Judging from your username, – You like him, too? – Sort of. Then I’ll give you a 25% discount. Thank you. I’ll go and place my order. We have an order! Wonderful! We have an order! It’s great, Dingding. We are finally open for business! Treat us, treat us, treat us! Okay, I’ll treat you tonight. Let’s ask my brother to join, too. He helped, too. Doctor Ning was most helpful. He must come. I’m calling him now.=Message Type: New Order=Cheers. Thank you all. Without your support and help, I’m afraid I can’t make it now. Especially you, Xuan. Thank you. Don’t thank me. You haven’t said that to my brother. How do you plan to repay him? He’s not here yet. Well, while he’s not here, tell us about it. I’ll give him something he likes. What does he like? You. Seriously.=bro=My brother’s having trouble finding the place, again. Where are you, bro? What? I’ll tell her. What happened? Dingding, my brother says he’s having an extra operation with Shu Yiran so he can’t come. He says sorry. It’s okay. Operations come first. Yunsheng, Lei, order whatever you want. Help yourselves. Thank you, Dingding. Eat up. Here. You’re welcome. Let’s drink. Cheers. Cheers. Dingding, you’ve got a package. Here you are. Did you receive the succulents? Congrats on your first order. Doctors are special. They give special plants. The florist’s is not open early in the morning. I can only find those. If you don’t like them… I like them. This is the first big order since I opened my studio. I feel one more step closer to my dream. You’ve helped a lot. Yunsheng, can you get me a glass of water? I’ve got a headache. I told you not to drink so much, why didn’t you listen to me and make yourself uncomfortable? I was having a really good time. Yunsheng, you gotta go to the hospital later. Is it that serious? Nah. I need to go and give my brother the keys. He left them home. I really don’t want to go. Okay, I’ll go in the afternoon when there’re less people. Okay. I’ll go. Why? I’ll buying him dinner tonight. I’ll bring it to him. You asked him out for dinner? Really? You finally took a move! I’m doing it to thank him for designing my store. Do you want me to bring the keys or not? Yes, yes. Here they are. Maybe in the near future, they’ll belong to you. Stop pressing the bells. Who is it? Delivery. Who? What are you trying to hide? You’ve got your pants on. You… Ning Weixuan, are you a woman or not? Running into a man’s house in the morning? Now you think I’m a woman? What are you doing here? Let’s go to the movies. I’ve bought the tickets. – After the movies… – I don’t have time. It’s not a week day. You don’t need to go to work. I have a date, alright? With whom? Let me come with you. You don’t know her. What do you plan do with us? I’ll know her if I come with you. Don’t even think about it. Get out, out now. You… I’m not leaving until you tell me about her. Get out and go play with your brother. Sorry to keep you waiting. It’s okay. It’s not long. Let’s go upstairs. Yeah. Sorry I’m late. I knew it. Have you been here? You need to really think about these kinds of things. Different people have different opinions. You are a pretty girl. Just a few changes are needed. Let’s grab something to drink. Hello. Hello, two cups of milk tea, please. Here you are. Try this. Tastes good. Her laugh is too happy. Shallow. Come. You must be kidding. I need time to think about it. Thank you for today. Sorry to ask you to come on a weekend day. It’s alright. It’s my job to serve a pretty girl. Let alone you’re treating. Of course I will come. You’re really honey mouthed. Your girlfriend must be very happy. Sure. But sometimes… You know her? She’s my friend’s sister. Crazy girl. She just likes to hang out and joke around. If she says she’s my girlfriend or something, do not believe that kid. She’s always like that. I understand. Those kids born in the 2000s are all like that. Yeah, yeah, all like that. Dad, let’s go. Dad? What are you talking about? I know I shouldn’t call you Dad outside home, and that I’m supposed to say I’m your friend’s sister. But Mom called you many times and you wouldn’t pick up. She’s refusing to eat or sleep. – Please go home and check on her. – Nonsense. I… How old are you, kid? 16 or 17? I’m 21. That doesn’t make sense. Doctor Gao looks 30, tops. How can he have a 21-year-old daughter? Yeah, you have a point. You’ve crossed the line. I’m warning you. Didn’t my dad tell you he’s 48? Look at his face, so soft and smooth. Doesn’t look like he’s turing 50, right? You’ve come to the right guy for plastic surgery. He’s skillful and reliable. Right, Daddy? What Daddy? What are you talking about? Let’s go home, go home. Mom is waiting for you. What? What Mom? What? Gao Ren, let go of me. You hurt me. Ning Weixuan, what do you want? You are seeing other women behind my back! I’m seeing anyone! Fang Fang was only asking about her surgery. Why didn’t you tell me? Why should I tell you? Even if I’m seeing someone, what does that have to do with you? Xuan, we agreed on this. What we are, is only like brother and sister. Right? If Ning Weijin and Zheng Dingding go on a date, would you go and be a third wheel? I’m not forcing you to like me, but before you do, I can’t stand other women being around you. You are not being reasonable. Love is not reasonable. I’ll mess with whoever you find. Go find someone. I don’t care about the trouble. I… God. I… Mr. Shu, the patient in bed 15 will be discharged today. Please sign this. Ms. Shu, Ms. Shu, She’s supposed to be waiting for her lab results. Tell her to wait. Okay, I’ll tell her. Go check on the patients. – I’ll find you later. – Okay. Is Doctor Ning in? Doctor Ning is not seeing patients today. Please go to the ground floor, and see another doctor. No. I need to talk to him about something. You all say that. If you want to see him, come on Thursday. Doctor Shu. Are you looking for Ning Weijin? I’m here to give him his keys. Xuan sent me. He just left for the director’s office. Should be back in a while. Go inside and have a seat. Thank you. You can go if you’re busy. I got it here. We’re not. Doctor Shu, we gotta go. Come on, let’s go. What? Come on. Are we busy? You know nothing. Mars could collapse with Earth in there. You’ll be blown away. Why? You deserve to be single. Just do what I said. Come on. Here. Thanks, Doctor Shu. You’re welcome. Only I drink Ning Weijin’s coffee. Doctor Ning doesn’t drink coffee? He drinks a lot at Habitat. He only drinks freshly ground coffee. He won’t buy any coffee if I didn’t come at all. Hello, are you interested in bank loan? Uncle Ning. I’m at the hospital. Weijin went to the director’s office. Okay. I’ll tell him to call back when he returns. Bye, Uncle Ning. Sorry about that. Ning Weijin’s father called him but he didn’t pick up. So he called me to find him. Where were we? Doctor Ning’s father? I told you about it before. Our family are quite familiar. And he’s always busy. So. sometimes, I see his parents more often than him. How are things between you and Weijin lately? Just like how it was before. I think you two would make a good match? Why? Weijin always says that he wants an obedient girl so that he doesn’t have to pay much attention. I’m not good for him. We often fight when we are together, fighting over something for the whole night. You are good for him. So he thinks he doesn’t need to pay much attention to me? Sorry. I might use the wrong words. But you know that he is very busy. Most of his attention are paid to his patients and medical studies. So his girlfriend doesn’t come first in his mid. If the girlfriend is needy, she’ll upset him. You’re just fine. When you’re free, you can grab dinner and go to the movies. When you’re not, you just do what you each do. You’re quite suitable. I don’t think so. Please give this to him. I have some other stuff to do. Gotta go. Shu Yiran, this is so not your style. What are you doing here? I come to give you your keys for Xuan. And ask you if you would like to have dinner together tonight. I can’t tonight. I’m working extra hours for my colleague. What about tomorrow? Never mind. Who knows if you’re free tomorrow night? Are you upset? No. I’m quite busy myself. I gotta go. Professor Ning, patient in bed 3 is asking for you, saying he’s having a chest ache. Got it. Let’s go. Yeah, yeah, she’s not my daughter. How can she be my daughter? Just the sister of a friend. She’s kidding. She’s naughty. She means no harm. She’s not an evil person. Yeah. How about this, let me buy you lunch when you have the time and I can apologize. Okay. Emmm, let me call you tomorrow, okay? Good. Then it’s set. Bye. Who are you calling? Is it that woman from the mall? Whoever it is, it has nothing to do with you. What are you doing here? My brother’s not home today. I wanted to eat with you. Ning Weixuan, are you mad? Can’t you order some takeaway food? That’s not healthy. I don’t eat takeaway. I have no food here. Make some. I have no groceries here. Let’s go buy some. Let’s just talk. No touching. As if I wanted to. Let’s go. Grocery shopping. No. I don’t want to leave the house. Then let’s order some takeaway. You said it’s not healthy yourself. I don’t mind. Two negatives make a positive. What are we eating? Whatever. Then I’ll decide. How about this… this… or… Hey, hey hey. Do you have to lean on me when you’re ordering? I’m tired. I need to rest. Don’t be petty. You’re a man. I’m not saying anything, and you’re having an opinion. Fine. Look. How about this? Whatever you want. You’ve been staring at me since you come in. Aren’t you tired? You’ve been so upset since I come in. Aren’t you tired? I never thought Doctor Ning would be like that. What, he thinks having a relationship is like having a pet? That I must shake my tail whenever he waves at me? One man’s meat is another man’s poison. If you’re not into him, someone will be. When you and Chen Xun were dating, you did whatever he asked, too. I… Alright, alright. Don’t be upset. You’re not planning to be with him, so it doesn’t matter to you what type of girls he likes. But he’s going after me, which means that he thinks I don’t have my own opinion, and just listen to whatever they say. He’s right about you. I… Come on, I’m kidding. But seriously, don’t you think it’s a bit strange? How? I remember that you said Doctor Shu and Doctor Ning grew up together. Then she should know that Doctor Ning is going after you. What’s your point? Imagine this, you’re going after Doctor Ning, and he comes to me. Do you think I will speak ill of you, so that he misunderstands you? You’re saying Doctor Shu is lying. She has no reason to do that. She has one reason. What is it? Love. The power of love makes people so strong that they don’t care about the rest, and also so small that they can not tolerate a single sand of jealousy. You’re saying Doctor Shu is jealous of me? Why would she be? She likes Doctor Ning, too? They’ve known each other for so long and stayed friends, which means Doctor Ning is not into her. And now Doctor Ning has a crush on you, someone he recently met. I’m certain she will do something and sabotage your relationship. I don’t believe it. Doctor Shu doesn’t seem to be that kind of person. So you’d rather trust Doctor Shu, someone you barely know, and think that Ning Weijin is a dick, who’s been helping you? Dingding, you’re not easy to be manipulated. But you’ve become so upset just because of something Doctor Shu said. It only means one thing. You’re into Doctor Ning, too. I’m not.=Dingding’s Contact Info=Why are you still here? The patient that had an operation this afternoon is unstable. I’m worried. You can go home. I’ve got it. Can’t sleep at home. Might as well stay here. Get some sleep if you’re tired. I’ll let you know if something happens. You didn’t buy me breakfast? There’s more. Let’s eat together. No. You don’t mean it. Doctor Shu, you’re here, too. You’re not on duty yesterday, are you? Where’s Doctor Ning? He left after his shift. Doctor Shu, are you okay? Yeah. What brings you here? I came to apologize. And I bought you breakfast. Apologize? I didn’t have dinner with you last night. I’m sorry. But I am a doctor. Whenever it is, my patients matter the most. I hope you can understand. Yeah. I said wrong stuff yesterday. Can I take that as apology accepted? There’s no need to apologize. I wasn’t mad at you. It’s too sticky. I’m not holding it. I’m just checking on you. I’ll go home and get some sleep when you’re finished. You didn’t sleep last night? I just finished a night shift. Went straight to yours. You don’t need to come at all. You can just explain through WeChat. No. I will only know if you’re mad at me when I see you with my own eyes. Alright. I’m not mad anymore. You must be tired. Go get some rest. Also, you can’t drive like this, can you? Let me give you a ride. You care about me so much. Yunsheng. Drive your CEO back home. Okay. Yunsheng is driving you. Get some sleep soon. Tell me when you arrive. I’m not working this weekend. Let’s have that dinner. Okay. We’ll talk about it after you wake up. Ning Weijin… What is he like? Come and see my brother’s super handsome sleep face. He must be very tired. He’s often like that. I’m used to it. Now you’ve got the photos. You can relax. When did you start to care about him so much? Just… He looked exhausted. I was afraid that an accident would happen on his way home. From a friend’s perspective. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever you say. How does that breakfast taste?=Search Results of “Ning Weijin”=

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  1. People actually talk with each other and have true friends in this drama…It is really breath of fresh air in "dramaland".
    Thank you so much for the new episode and the English subs.

  2. My subtitles keep going off and it shows there on but then I have to tap the English sub again to get them back on

  3. I love the little sister Xuan, but the writers are making her a pathetic stalker that sometimes, she becomes annoying esp on the side of Gao Ren.

  4. Thanks for upload now.. i really like it..i enjoy this drama..is very fast uploaded..thanks again

  5. 3:07 開始,左邊架子後面的是工作人員嗎?
    Starting from there, is that a camera man behinds the left cabinet?

  6. Dingding's bestfriend is always reasonable and has logical mind.. it's rare to get a bestfriend who understand you, care for you, and root for someone you can make you happy.. having a logical mind is being a smart..

  7. Dingding's bestfriend is always reasonable and has logical mind.. it's rare to get a bestfriend who understand you, care for you, and root for someone you can make you happy.. having a logical mind is being a smart..

  8. I like being weixuan but shes being to clingy and stalker chick the man dont like you like that just move on and find someone else

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