Are you looking for the best water shoes? In this video we’ll break down the top water
shoes available whilst comparing them for price versus performance. Before we get started with our video detailing
the best water shoes on the market, we have included links in the description for each
product mentioned, so make sure you check those out to see which one is in your budget
range. Starting off at number 1 we have the ALEADER
Men’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes. When it comes to quality, these shoes are
surprisingly great, even when compared to pricier water shoes for men. These shoes are built to last no matter what
water activities you enjoy, whether you work up a sweat during beachfront hikes or battle
rapids while river rafting. The upper parts are made from breathable hydrophobic
engineered mesh, and then you’ve got Solyte midsoles and water-draining outsoles. And yet, these shoes somehow manage to look
cool. Several guys say they look like they’re
wearing real tennis shoes when they explore the outdoors in their ALEADER water shoes. Lightweight and comfortable; you won’t feel
like you’re bringing half the beach home with you. The mesh uppers encourage air flow so your
feet don’t feel cramped or overly hot, and the outsoles are durable yet light. A Comfort Dry sockliner cushions your arches
as you walk, so you don’t feel like you’re rubbing your feet against rocks and branches. It’s worth noting that these shoes run big,
so you may want to order a smaller size than you usually get. ALEADER water shoes are packed with features,
including some that we’ve already mentioned. They’ve got Comfort Dry sockliners to protect
your arches, water-draining, traction-supporting outsoles that reduce slippage, and FluidFlow
technology from the mesh uppers to the outsoles. The FluidFlow technology is what keeps your
feet from sitting in puddles of water when you wear these quick-drying shoes. Water rolls right off these all-purpose bad
boys instead of saturating them. Around $30 for shoes that look just as good
during a rainy-day jog around the block as they do at the beach. At number 2 we have the Mohem Men’s Poseidon
Mesh Water Shoes. These water shoes are made well, but they
could use more cushioning in their insoles. With that being said, if you’re already
used to wearing minimalist footwear, the lack of support isn’t noticeable. These mesh Mohem shoes fulfill their purpose,
which is to protect your feet during outdoor activities. They lack the traction support ALEADER shoes
have, but they still offer more protection against slips than aqua socks. Mohem water shoes generally fit true to size,
but you may want to go up half a size or so if you have wide feet. These water shoes hug your ankles snugly yet
comfortably, so you don’t have to worry about large rocks or excessive amounts of
sand spoiling your outdoor fun. Slip-resistant outsoles crafted from resilient
rubber provide traction on wet surfaces, so you can safely navigate your surroundings. The Lycra uppers are lightweight, breathable,
and flexible. Guys loves the lace-up fronts because it makes
these shoes look more fashionable than slip-on water shoes. Each shoe is made by hand, and there are numerous
colors available. We’ve found many men prefer the black, brown,
and gray options. A pair of Mohem mesh water shoes costs around
$30, which is a reasonable price for what you get. At number 3 we have the ALEADER Men’s Slip-On
Athletic Water Shoes. ALEADER is a trusted brand known for creating
durable water shoes, and these slip-ons are no exception. They effectively withstand frequent use, so
you can wear them during all your favorite outdoor water activities. Several guys confess they like these fashionable
slip-ons enough to rock them after they finish hanging out at the beach or pool. True to size, unless you’ve got narrow feet. Reviewers say these slip-ons run a bit wide
compared to the snug-fitting water shoes from other brands. If you prefer a tight fit, you may prefer
aqua socks to these slip-ons. Many guys choose these slip-ons because of
their quick-drying material. They’re made from hydrophobic engineered
mesh on the top, with rubber outsoles and cushioned EVA insoles. ALEADER slip-ons get their quick-drying capabilities
from FluidFlow technology. This innovative feature promotes fast drainage
from the mesh uppers to the rubber insoles, so you don’t have to walk around in soaked
shoes if you hit the beach twice in one day. Rubber pods on the bottom of each slip-on
shoe keep you from falling as you climb slippery rocks or head from your chair to the poolside
bar. When it comes to price it’s somewhere between
$30 to $35 depending on your preferred color and size. At number 4 we have the Zhuanglin Men’s Quick
Drying Aqua Water Shoes. The quality is pretty darn good for a pair
of cheap water shoes. These Zhuanglin shoes have their flaws, but
you can probably expect them to last all summer. Well, unless you take long hikes or swim multiple
times a day on a regular basis. Men complain it’s difficult to find the
right fit if you wear a size 9. Amazon never carries a 9, so you have to cram
your feet into an 8.5 or wear a loose-fitting pair of size 9.5 shoes. Aside from that, these shoes generally fit
true to size. If you’re torn on which size to buy, choose
the smaller one or wear thick socks with the bigger one. Otherwise you may end up with blisters from
the material rubbing against your heels. These Zhuanglin have a surprising number of
features for a pair of budget water shoes. For starters, they’ve got Comfort Dry sockliners. These provide light cushioning for your arches
while also promoting a breathable environment for your feet. Solyte midsoles are lightweight yet durable. The outsoles are made from rubber, a slip-reducing
material commonly used for water shoes. Holes on the soles and mesh uppers help water
drain quickly. However, they also make it easy for sand and
rocks to get into your shoes. You may find yourself frequently emptying
out your shoes if you swim somewhere without clear water. Just $20 to $30, which is a great price for
water shoes that aren’t slip-ons or aqua socks. And for our final pick at number 5 we have
the Merrell Men’s All Out Blaze Aero Sport Hiking Water Shoe. It’s hard not to like a shoe that is built
for muddy roads, rocky roads, boulder climbing and hiking – we think this is pretty genius
and all around pretty awesome. What we really love about these are that they’re
extremely lightweight for those long hikes, but don’t give up on the comfortability. Its not only great for the adventurous man
who wants to hike in and out of rivers, but for kayakers as well. Can it get any better? These waterproof hiking shoes fit true to
size, which makes it easy when ordering them. The Omni Fit lacing ensures a glove-like fit. Because these water shoes were made to accommodate
men who like the outdoors, they were designed to get wet. Which is why Merrell included breathable mesh
in the upper part of the shoe and Vibram soles underneath. The mesh allows your feet to air out to prevent
irritation and blistering. The ventilation feels like air conditioners
in your shoes – we’re not even kidding. The best part about these shoes though is
the Vibram soles. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re pretty
much the greatest feature ever. Normally these shoes are $110, but you can
frequently find them on sale. The price is a little on the high side for
some, but these can handle any terrain. So that sums up our top water shoes of 2020. We hope you enjoyed. If you did please leave a like on the video
and if you’re new here hit that subscribe button. Until next time have a great day.

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