Hello dears! This is the channel tailed pet!
channel about goods for animals and about themselves animals’. And today we have with you on
the review will be a toy for adults boys and their Pets Blaster nerf dog!
Be sure the nerf brand is enough for you known, this is an awesome gun and
guns that children play and adults are happy to play.
The company went further and made here a Blaster for the game with a four-legged
Pets where in the form of projectiles more precisely the form of cartridges are here are here
tennis ball. Which are loaded here and shoots
as say on 15-20 meters let us let’s unpack and see. and so for
unpacking I made scissors to cut these clamps all this
keeps on three collars and we have attached some important information
product instruction manual no we don’t read these things. Ah that friends
good such durable plastic made all quality all the screws that’s how it charges and that’s how it shoots Wow! I think it’s time to go outside.
and there to test it! so the team our job is to capture that target, everything.
understood? creeping quietly, he went! go-go, do not throw the team, our goal
there. forward! the charging process is quite simple,
we approach the ball rests nerf the shutter all the Blaster ready for battle! No
nothing complicated. Approach, bolt, Blaster ready to go! satisfied and
happy dogs running with a ball to us back, a toy for adult boys! get the ball. Give well friends, I had a great time in
forest toy I liked, somewhere now
hours four with two dogs played That’s great! I run and play and run about,
that is such a good toy for for a fun company to spend time
of course dogs are great! So that thing is cool, I recommend! but we a
go back to the Studio so friends, here we are back in the Studio. Blaster themselves showed on the good side, durable plastic, not just
it, I fell and everything is fine shoots Yes, meters 15-20, Yes shoots and
quite clearly shoots in a straight line rajectory, but if of course there lateral
winds. no comment. the only caveat is that he shoots loud enough, but this
you probably already understand the video, so if you dog is afraid of loud
shots there or fireworks this of course option is not your and if all goes well in
this plan dog calmly and on the contrary even active
loves to play, that thing is cool. in the forest drive, in the Park, on the field Yes even can be
and in the city, places as they say there is so thing is so cool!
I something the coming weekend, too, still’m going to go in the forest and again to play, because, well, not
played enough as they say in childhood, why not play now, then cool
such a toy for adult boys and their Pets are so cool, the only and that of course if you buy it
immediately buy additional balls they are sold in a set of 4 things there
order 300 rubles or 500 in there somewhere okay, because it’s expendable.
element for example of the jaw of Golden
Retriever this ball is no bitten
they broke it, that is not particularly know the video will not be visible. but
here’s the inside of this felt casing. there is a body of the ball and here it is
neatly on the seam and burst, but when this continues well enough
shoot, even jump like that so cool stuff! so here are friends
the cost of Blaster of course 2000 rubles expensive, honestly my opinion is expensive 2000
rubles per piece of plastic with enough such a primitive mechanism. the
ordinary Soviet crossbow at large to the account, in the childhood there are a lot of such crossbows
there I did and my friends did, so here is quite primitive simple
mechanism. here is but carried out honoured plastic looks good
pretty cool so if you have as they say if there is
extra money, or rather not sorry for the money spend on dog, to with it still
more cheerful, more cheerful to have a good time that why no, that’s what friends are, again.
a good thing why not play among the subscribers of this channel.
so let’s do enough just get 200 likes for this video
as only dialling 200 likes I do the competition and compete for this miracle
blaster. so subscribe to the channel invite your friends to the channel let
subscribe put huskies! well, all good mood, keep your tail
pistol and bye!

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Dennis Veasley

6 thoughts on “СОБАКА БУДЕТ В ВОСТОРГЕ! Бластер NERF DOG Tennis Ball Blaster | Игрушки для собак | Обзор | Review”

  1. Тайм коды для удобного просмотра:
    00:19 Обзор Нёрф дог бластер
    00:50 Распаковка Нерф дог
    01:46 Уличное тестирование
    05:20 Итоги: плюсы и минусы
    08:08 А давайте его разыграем?!

  2. Супер. Моя спаниель ещё и патроны будет приносить на исходную. Хочу!

  3. Интересная игрушка, но мужская)Какие милахи😍Обожаю ретриверов(давняя любовь, добродушная и неагрессивная порода) и франц.бульдогов(недавная любовь, особенно нравятся их уши и "улыбка"). Они у вас флегмы, спокойные? Дом не разносят?

  4. Самая лучшая игрушка для кота это хомут 😀 и ни какие мышки и мячики не нужны.

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